Vietnamese Culinary Tourism 🤗

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How are you doing? A new week is beginning here and today at work, I discussed with my partners about tourism in Vietnam. He shared a lot about agriculture and countryside tours, therefore, I was thinking of writing about culinary tourism to my international friends since our community are very various and also food_lovers. I hope my sharing about our unique food will motivate you to travel to Vietnam soon😃


Bun cha Hanoi prepared by @trangbaby 😜

Let's dig a bit into my field :) As you know, culinary tourism is well-known as a type of food discovery (Mostly, it's mentioned as a culinary hay food tour) Whether it's eating, cooking, baking, participating in a drinking festival, or visiting a farmers market - it all comes down to the concept of food tourism. It's something you don't even really need to go to a country or local area to find the raw materials and make a dish. You can get it at your nearest city or a certain restaurant, or even at home! Since the Covid happened, many food tours have started presenting online via booking channels like Airbnb,, google, etc, as many people have missed traveling and so they scrolled on the internet and experienced different things with food. They started to cook in their kitchen and eat a variety of different foods from around the world in order to bring a tourism element back to their homes! Who says you need to travel far to be a foodie?


src, one of online cooking classes

How is Culinary important in tourism?

Culinary tourism plays an extremely important role in the tourism and travel industry in general. When booking a trip, people tend to consider many factors - and food is at the top of the list. The World Culinary Tourism Association says food and drinks spending while traveling accounts for 15-35% of total tourism spending for European visitors. Asian tourists account for nearly half of the travel expenses. Culinary tourism is important in that it generates a lot of money for the local economy.


when my friend travels, she spends most of her time exploring local food. This shot was taken when she ordered the biggest beef noodle :)

Culinary tourism is also an important part in promoting local businesses, especially those that develop OCOP agricultural products or countries with agricultural strengths like Vietnam. as well as helping to make the difference among different culinary cultures. For a lot of cultures, their cuisine is a huge part of who they are. Culinary tourism helps celebrate this, by attracting interested tourists who want to try something new and share it with the world (like food expert, Anthony Bourdain). In this way, it certainly helps to raise community pride and is a great example of cultural tourism. This type of tourism is also very important for tourists. It offers the opportunity to try new foods and flavors, and to discover new cultures through their taste. Visitors who join food tourism will enjoy new recipes to try, new dishes to recommend to friends, and memories they will forever associate with their taste.

There are many activities in the field of culinary tourism, but let's take a closer look.


banh beo chen


bánh căn - mini pancakes

seafood hotpot in a homestay

a cooking class showed how to cook vegeterian food

Dinner with homestay host in Ly Son island

A cooking class in Hoi An for my guests how to make My Quang

Seafood at Nam Danh restaurant

Lunch at Hoa Vang farmstay

Tofu vermicelli noodle with special shrimp sauce :)

a farmer's market in the north of Vietnam.

Dinner with Ba Be Homestay's host

Eating out: go to restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, tea houses, etc. These are all examples of food tourism.
Food tours on a farm: you can book organized food tours when visiting a city or in the countryside by visiting the farm. The farmer, together with guides will take you to various dining spots on their farm - usually small businesses - to try the different foods and drinks.
Farmers Market: Visiting a farmer's market on weekends to buy fresh produce is considered a form of food tourism.
A cooking class: another activity you can take part in during your travels is a cooking or baking class. Again, you'll often make a local delicacy whether it's sushi in Japan or pasta in Italy, and maybe also My Quang in the center of Vietnam ^^
Tasting sessions: visiting a farm and brewery tours (and other similar excursions) where you can see how something is made and then try it out for yourself.

There are many types of culinary excursions, depends how you are interested in them, however, I believe that you can always find a lot of interesting things with Vietnamese culinary.
Thank you for reading, your votes and comments are very much helpful for me to keep sharing about Vietnam 💚

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yummy yummy!

Yes, we have almost the same taste ;)

Món nào cũng ngon hết c ơi!!

Uh chúng ta đều là những food_lovers ha ^^

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