SugarSalt Espresso: Sydney, AUSTRALIA

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SugarSalt Espresso: Sydney, AUSTRALIA.jpg

I like to arrive in the area of an appointment a bit early... I really hate the feeling of running just on time, and it means that I do get to kill a bit of time in various nearby cafes and things like that. Anyway, this particular time, I was between rehearsal and an appointment to do some minor maintenance on some of my bows... and so there was a large buffer time anyway, so I figured I would just get to the right area and then find a decent looking cafe to eat at.

SugarSalt Espresso wasn't really my first choice, but the other place looked too busy, and so I figured I would just cross the road and check out the quiet looking place. And boy... I'm glad that I did!

The Space

SugarSalt Espresso: Sydney, AUSTRALIA.jpg

The decor and atmosphere of SugarSalt isn't anything special really... it is a pretty standard suburban cafe with a small seating area, some street seating and the large open front that seems to be a pretty standard template for most Sydney cafes.

SugarSalt Espresso: Sydney, AUSTRALIA.jpg

I still don't see the allure of sitting on the footpath next to a busy street... but it appears that some people like it. Me, I prefer to be indoors!

The Menu

SugarSalt Espresso: Sydney, AUSTRALIA.jpg

All day menus (breakfast above, and lunch below) are on offer... everything looks pretty decent sounding, and most of it is pretty standard fare for Australian cafes. Sadly, the quality can vary quite a bit... so, you never really know what you are getting.... even if you have ordered something very similar from a different place.

SugarSalt Espresso: Sydney, AUSTRALIA.jpg

SugarSalt Espresso: Sydney, AUSTRALIA.jpg

Normal cafe drinks are also on offer... I ended up getting a regular flat white... I really needed the caffeine hit, but I do regret not getting a fresh juice or a smoothie for the annoyingly hot and humid Sydney weather.

The Food

SugarSalt Espresso: Sydney, AUSTRALIA.jpg

As always... I don't really know what to expect from a fairly non-descript suburban cafe in terms of food... sometimes it is really decent... other times (most times...), it is a really just ordinary.

This time, the steak sandwich was actually really really good! Shredded steak instead of a large chunk, with a nice pesto and mustard filling to go with it... and not too cheesy either!

... plus the chips were really decent... nice and crispy and not at all soggy and dripping with oil! I'm pretty picky with chips... so, it is pretty hard to impress me!

SugarSalt Espresso: Sydney, AUSTRALIA.jpg

... and the coffee, well... also quite good!

The Experience

Quiet atmosphere (on the inside...), and a nice friendly staff combined with really top quality food... what more can you ask for in a place where you are just hoping to kill an hour or two in the middle of the day?

I will definitely be back here when I next make an excuse to visit the luthier/bowyer... hopefully not too often, as that often means that I'm spending a decent amount of money on the instruments!

Opening Times

Monday 6 am–3 pm
Tuesday 6 am–3 pm
Wednesday 6 am–3 pm
Thursday 6 am–3 pm
Friday 6 am–3 pm
Saturday 7 am–3 pm
Sunday Closed

Contact Details

Address: 356 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204
Phone: (02) 9000 5660


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I love the breakdown. The place sounds like it's a good place. I am glad you enjoyed their food and would love to visit again.

It was really quite a pleasant surprise, and not what I expected at all!

Very nice cafè.
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No worries! I have the same problem... hope you manage to sort it out!

Thank you @bengy for your understanding. Furthermore, there are problems in my private life that take up more of my time. When I can I will come back to follow you. Good continuation.