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Wasabi Plus: Sydney, AUSTRALIA.jpg

Ah... I always am tempted by places that serve up Japanese food... and by that, I don't mean sushi and sushi rolls... I do like that, but I'm always more interested in the rice and noodle dishes, which I still contend is much better than the sushi stuff.... much to the annoyance of my older daughter, who is obsessed with sushi.

So, on one particular work trip, I was staying in the pretty nice (read... wealthy...) Neutral Bay area. Just for reference, I saw a house that sold recently in the area... a cool 5 million AUD!

Anyway, places like these... you would hope that the takeaways are pretty decent! So, I was working my way up and down the shopping area, trying out the various places.

The Space

Wasabi Plus: Sydney, AUSTRALIA.jpg

Lots of wooden bamboo colours... lots of space, and a clean modern aesthetic. Of course, there is a little sushi roll counter for the blow ins that like that sort of thing...

Wasabi Plus: Sydney, AUSTRALIA.jpg

... a pretty standard Sydney layout, with a large open front area with a large sliding window frame to let in lots of air and light.

The Menu

Wasabi Plus: Sydney, AUSTRALIA.jpg

All the sorts of things that you would expect from a Japanese eatery. Not lots of choice in terms of different Donburi selections... but enough for the two meals that I would have here.

The Food

Wasabi Plus: Sydney, AUSTRALIA.jpg

... and as usual, at some point in the away season, I always am starting to crave the cleanliess of a rice dice. And this eel donburi set was just the thing... not too big (I'm a small eater, and can easily overeat and feel yuck...), rounded off with a nice little miso soup bowl.

This was a perfect dish, not too heavy on the sauce, and the eel was just nicely cooked... tender, and not at all dry.

The Experience

Fast and friendly service, sand you are just left alone to eat in peace. Perfect... and at the time that I visited, it wasn't too busy either. I did end up picking up a takeaway on a different occasion, and the food was just as good (a cooked Salmon Donburi...)... and the turnaround time was also just as quick.

Opening Times

Monday 10 am–8 pm
Tuesday 10 am–8 pm
Wednesday 10 am–8 pm
Thursday 10 am–8 pm
Friday 10 am–8 pm
Saturday 10 am–3 pm
Sunday Closed

Contact Details

Address: 161 Wycombe Rd, Neutral Bay NSW 2089
Phone: (02) 9904 4302


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Okay, now I'm hungry. I can smell that soup! And the meal looks absolutely delicous!

Hehe... get your own food!

But yes, this was quite a nice one! Clean and Tasty!

The meal you order looks great, I alwaya wanted to try Japanese foods, watching a lot of anime series make me crave for some ಥ_ಥ. And it's cool you found a place that serves Japanese foods.

Oh, Japanese food is just the best... clean and tasty!

Nice place for meal. Decoration is attractive and charming. Have you good tours. Good food.

It was a nice place to sit and eat! Lovely food!

That's good

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I would have loved to have a taste of this good looking meal

Haha... NO, MINE!