Food Curation Effort by @delegate4food

@delegate4food account was created on 28 December 2019.

It is not part of the Foodies Bee Hive Curation Team but it is an account created to support Foodies Bee Hive Curation based on my personal initiative.

This account has supported quite a number of food articles and most of the curation reward for the Foodie tokens received are used to power up.

I have currently about 120k Staked Foodie tokens.

I hope that the Foodies Bee Hive community has enjoyed my little effort in curating mainly food articles on Hive platform.

If you notice any good food post and you would like me to take special note, you can make a comment in this post.

Your encouragement definitely means a lot to my curation effort so feel free to give your comment.



Let's make it offical! Contact us on Discord (Jasonbu#7143) we'd love to give you some official support. Congrats and well done on your curation efforts.

Thank you for the invitation but I still prefer to do this unofficially as there are certain posts that are not food posts but receive support from this account too. Nevertheless, this account supports mainly the food articles.

I follow your trail now, congratulations on your work