Build Your Own Meal @ Brgy Seoul Express


Are you hankering after Korean food but without the funds to purchase a set of unli samgyeopsal? Or perhaps you find that one unli samgyeopsal is too much for your cravings? Brgy. Seoul Express is for you. It is one of IT Park Cebu's newest locations. For only 149 pesos, you can assemble your own meal with one main dish, three sides, and one soup. It is quite reasonably priced considering the excellent food and authentically Korean atmosphere.

Step 1


I was surprised to learn that, if desired, you can add a lot of rice. I had assumed that the rice would be limited to one cup. This recently opened store is aware that rice is a staple food for Filipinos. Of course, you can't add rice later, so if you want a lot of it, you have to get it all at once.

Step 2


Spicy Pork, Korean Fried Chicken, Pork Bulgogi, and Garlic Soy Chicken are some of their main dish options. I went for Korean Fried Chicken, though. Naturally, as I frequently mention, I adore fried chicken. I have a chicken addiction, if there is such a thing. They gave me more than enough Korean Fried Chicken. Their Korean friend chicken has the ideal amount of seasoning. I thought the spice level was just right, and the chicken is cooked to perfection. I never feel bad about choosing chicken over the other entrees, but I'd want to taste them all, perhaps on my next visit

Step 3 & 4




Kimchi, Coleslaw, Picked Kangkong, Braised Potato, Corn Salad, Pickled Onion, Beansprout Salad, Lettuce & Samjang, Tteokbokki, Japchae, Steamed Egg, and Stir-Fried Sausage were among the vegetarian and non-vegetarian side dishes. I went for stir-fried pork, kimchi, and coleslaw. One of my favorite side dishes in Korean cuisine is undoubtedly coleslaw. I enjoy how natural it tastes, and I feel quite healthy after eating it. Although I have never had stir-fried sausage, I am aware that Korea is one of the nations in the world that makes the highest-quality sausages, which is why I chose it. Kimchi is a must-have to complete the Korean experience. It's no longer surprising that their coleslaw, kimchi, and stir-fried sausage were excellent and highly recommended. I will, however, undoubtedly try the other side dishes on my subsequent visit.

Step 5


They have three soup options: seaweed soup, beanpaste soup, and kimchi soup. I went with seaweed soup. Actually, I had never tried it before. I've only ever seen people eating seaweed soup on their birthdays in Korean dramas. After giving delivery, they practice eating seaweed soup. It serves as a token of respect for the person who gave birth to them and a reminder of the days their mother consumed it while recuperating after giving birth. I find a lot of meaning in this. I wish the Philippines had a tradition like this. Not because it was my birthday, but more because I am a huge admirer of Korean food, I picked the seaweed soup. It tasted excellent, as one would anticipate. Compared to a regular Filipino soup, the flavor is extremely different, but I like it. I have the impression that I can live in Korea. Try the seaweed soup; you won't regret it.


You can order all of them and create your own meal based on your preferences for 149 pesos. This reminds me a lot of Korean movies where people eat at work and school, which gives off a very Korean atmosphere. I was incredibly grateful to the store's proprietor for giving us this opportunity and introducing us to Korean culture. They have a lot of consumers because of this, especially in their first month. To guarantee a position and avoid a line, I advise arriving there as early as 5 or 6 o'clock in the evening. The location is in Cebu's IT Park, and I've seen that many workers frequent the area's eateries. This is also ideal if you're with family and friends. On my second visit, I am eager to try the remaining options.



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Never tried Brgy. Seoul yet! Ka cool ani. Omg! 😋😋😋

I hope you can visit there. I will definitely go back there for the second time. 😊

Hoping it too! 🤗

Oh my, I envy those that are close to this stall they get to eat delicious food.

I am lucky enough that we have many food shops to explore in Cebu City. I hope you can visit here 😊

I hope so too!


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yummy jd diri dai!!

Uuh I love this kind of restaurants where you can build your own Neal, and what a great choiche, everything look so yummy 😍

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