Hello @Hivers this is my first post here all though i have been on steemit for a very longtime only for me to discover that there is a new means of blogging since I left steemit.


let me officially introduce my self to you, my name is Peace Orjiani married to Emeka Orjiani populary known as Virus AKA @doctorvee, we have both been on steemit for years and got married from it, currently with two kids, a boy and girl. we also have adorable mother cat and three cute kittens.

As a mother of two I have tried different means to generate income for myself and also to support my family such as clothing business, fashion, work from home as a writer and bloger, sometimes a freelancer.


However, while going throug @hiveblog I notices some very interesting communities as I hopped in @foodiebeehive hoping to surprise and introduce @hivers with lots of Nigerian delicacy and also enjoy other traditional meals.


So my fellow @Hivers here I am today with love in my heart to everyone who welcomes me to the family. I love you all


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welcome to HIVE

Hellooo @empirefashion ,
Welcome to Hive Ecosystem! ♦️

Excellent introduction, I loved the post!

Here you will find a very healthy network.
Where you have freedom of speech and receive a lot of support for your effortin creating content.
I hope to see you flying through the communities and staying forever in Hive!
Nice to meet you!

I invite everyone to participate in the communities: HiveBR, MusicHive and SkateHive.
In addition to being a content creator, I am a Moderator and Curator in these communities.
Let's exchange ideas and evolve together.

Boelter hugs straight from Brasil!