Snow Crescent

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Earlier this week I was asked to bake this dessert. This is actually a traditional sweet in Transylvania, no matter where you go, you can find it in bakeries, grocery stores and almost every house during winter holidays. It was my paternal grandmother's favorite recipe.


The funny thing is, I got a call from my brother, asking me to bake snow crescents till Sunday, to send it to my niece who's studying in Budapest. My brother is usually baking these but they had a weekend getaway planned for months and due to lack of time, I am the backup plan in this equation now. I can't say no to him, so there I was with a task I had to do.


Trying out new recipes is something I often do, but this was more than that. Here failure was not an option, the outcome had to be acceptable at least. No pressure, huh?

The funny thing is that I have my maternal grandmother's cooking book, and she has the recipe of snow crescents, but back in her days, every recipe had pork fat. I never use pork fat for baking, only the best quality butter, so I had to look for a different recipe online. The internet is flooded with all kinds of recipes, so it took a couple of minute to find one I liked. Obviously I had to tailor it to my taste, but the basic concept was good. The original recipe can be found here.

Let's get to it, shall we?


Ingredients for the dough:

  • 1kg all purpose flour,
  • 500g unsalted butter,
  • 360g sugar,
  • 3 packets of vanilla sugar,
  • 4 eggs,
  • 2 egg yolks,
  • pinch of salt,
  • 1 packet of baking powder.

Ingredient for the filling:

  • sour jam (I used my homemade jam, made of raspberry and currant),
  • icing sugar for the top.


First place all the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl, beat the eggs and the egg yolks, add to the mix. Cut the butter in small pieces, add to the mix and knead till you get a non sticky dough. I was lazy to take out the dough mixer and did it by hand again.


Now comes the tricky part. The recipe says roll out the dough and cut out the circles. Easy peasy, nothing more simple right?


Rolling out the dough was the easy part. Getting the necessary thickness was a different thing as the recipe did not say anything about how thick or thin the dough has to be. So what do you do in this case? Make a decision and do your best, which is exactly what I did.



So the circles were cut out, I put a little jam on the middle of each and started rolling them up.


And this is what I got after rolling them up. Does this look good to you? Well, even with a large dose of benevolence, I cannot say this is acceptable. It was obvious that the dough wasn't thin enough and the jam was too much. Regardless, it was done, so I put the tray in a preheated oven and baked for 20 minutes at 180°C. The result? Beyond horrible 😂 I hate using gifs in my post, but if I were to use one, I'd choose the one with hiding behind the couch for sure.

So what do you do in cases like this? Did I tell you that failing was not an option today? Yes, I did. So what does Erikah do in cases like this? Fake it till you make it! What else? 😆 This is a general rule in the kitchen by the way! 😎 In my kitchen at least, but don't tell anyone, ok?

Good thing this was just 20% of the dough, so I still had the majority to try to make something acceptable out of it.


This was the second dough sheet rolled out. Can you see the pattern beneath it? That is how thin this was.





I'm not saying this batch was perfect, but compared to the previous one, it was way better.


After taking them out of the oven, comes the icing on the top.


The outcome may not look good but it tastes good and that's what it counts. I like this recipe and most likely this will not be the last batch I baked.

All in all, the first tray was a failure, but still edible. I'm glad I was able to save the day and learnt something new as well.

So, who wants snow crescents? 😂

If you're a newbie, you may want to check out these guides:



I like this recipe seems simple and tasty to make my children especially in this holiday season although I'm not good in the kitchen I will try it blessings

It is simple, I can assure you that, even though I had to figure out how to roll it out. Good luck with it and blessings to you too.

This looks beyond good! I'm trying to think if I've ever had snow crescent before and honestly I don't know. It looks very delicious. But I want to see the first batch 😆

I hope you can taste it one day, you'll love it for sure.

But why do you want to see the first batch? 🫣

Wow, that looks delicious, recipe written down this Christmas.😊

It's a good one for Christmas 🎄 for sure 🙂

Failure help us to do things in a better way. The dough looks delicious 😋

Thanks for sharing the recipe and the steps involved in making it.

I definitely want to have a taste 😊😊

You can make it at home as it's not a big deal. Now you know the dough has to be thin, there's no other secret here 🙂

Wow, they look delicious. In the kitchen as in everything...try until you make it. Luckily you had more dough 🤭. Thanks for sharing your culinary experiences and the recipe. Happy weekend. 🤗

I'm really glad you like it, it is really delicious indeed. Thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend 😀

A very well structured and explained recipe, also with additional documentation resources, it's an article like for a specialized magazine certainly... But beyond that: "It looks delicious and it made me hungry" :))... (fortunately I saw this article while I was at my mother's house today Sunday and she took out some cookies oatmeal and jam, so I could satisfy my anxiety!) ha ha ha :))

By the way, reading about the recipe in your grandmother's cookbook, the use of pork fat caught my attention. Coincidentally, here in my town it was once used for everything in the kitchen, but with the arrival of refined vegetable oils, pork fat disappeared from the town's supplies and now it is practically "a very difficult to find and very expensive product." So there are some farms that continue to produce it in an artisanal way and some people buy it there who like to continue using it, despite the fact that it is known how risky it is for health... I even know people (most of them elderly and attached to traditions) who do not cook except with pork fat!... :/

Thank you very much for sharing and an additional round of applause for your particular talent for photographing food!... Wow!...

!discovery 40

But beyond Food posts have that effect on everyone, this is why it is not recommended to look at them at night. Good thing you were at the right place in the right time, to get something sweet :)

You're right, there was a time, when the only fat used was pork fat. My grandmother's time for example. She always had to have at last 40L pork fat at the beginning of winter, otherwise she would have panicked. Thinking back ... oh boy 🤦‍♀, but that's how she grew up and refused t change.

We have pork fat here, you can buy it at the grocery store, but no thanks. Sweets made with pork fat have a heavy taste and I don't like it.

My dear friend, thanks for the nice words, you're always a gentleman. Have a nice evening 😊

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Snow cresents look yummy. We make chocolate crinkle cookies around the holidays. No tradition other than my boys like them so we make them each year.

Fake it till you make it!

100% in our kitchen we pick put the good batches or good ones to share - and eat the rest haha

Your cookies must be good as well. Actually everything that is sweet is good, except a cake with a lot of cream 😂

Now I want snow crescent 😋. You don't have to hide behind the couch again 😄
This looks delicious, will love to try this out.

Thanks for sharing this with us ❤️

Open the window, I'm sending you some :P

😃 Alright then. Thanks 😋

yummy scrummy in my tummy! I bet the tastebuds zing after these, the heavy sweetness of the dough the sharp acidity of the jam. yes please

You're right about that. There's a balance between the sweetness and the acidity, so the taste is good. I wish I could send you some :)

That is very kind of you I shall lick my screen and dream LOl

Lol, you're very funny, you know that?

It's not me it is the voices in my head they take control of my fingers, seriously it can get me into a lot of trouble at times x

The snow crescents look delicious in my opinion!

At first I thought they were bananas covered in powered sugar! 😂

It tastes better that it looks, trust me :D

bananas covered in powered sugar? Holy heaven! Why on earth would I do that? 😂


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Thank you!

Really it's look very delicious 😋😋😋😋. I want to eat it 🤤🤤🤤🤤

Too late, there's none left 😜

😢😭😭😭 next time I will eat first

Next time you need to be faster :D

Ok 🆗👌

Well, I'm already hungry just looking at them!
By the way, you made me remember that I learned how to cook with pork fat a lot of years ago, but I haven't done it anymore,
it looks really good

Very useful tutorial, making crescent moon cakes, it's almost Christmas.
Maybe this is one key to the many choices.
Thank You

Nice way of presenting this recipe. Looks delicious. Perfect for an evening snack with tea my friend.