Recipe 4: Green Beans Porriedge is Good for Our Health

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Since the COVID-19 Pandemic in Taiwan and not being allowed to go out, I often find myself busy cooking so I don't get stressed. On this occasion I made green bean and black bean porridge. Because I happened to still have some ingredients, I used the leftovers last Ramadan, such as brown sugar and coconut milk.

• Materials I use

• Green beans and red beans
• 1brown sugar (small size)
• 1 tbsp Vanil1
• 1 pack of coconut milk



How to cook

• Boil the beans for 6-8 hours, so that the enzymes contained in them come out when boiled.
• Prepare enough water, until it boils
• Put the drained peanuts into the pan, boil for about 45 minutes
• Add salt to taste
• Add sugar to taste (because I don't like too much sweetness, I only use one small grain of brown sugar.
• Add enough coconut milk
• Add a little vanilla to make the peanut porridge fragrant.


Serving method:

You can eat green bean porridge in hot conditions, or cold with added ice cubes. Add a little fresh milk, to beautify the presentation. Consuming green beans and red beans is very good for health.

Here are the benefits of consuming green beans and red beans:

• Controlling weight
• Good for diabetics
• Smooth digestion
• Good for people with anemia
• Overcoming menstrual problems
• Maintain skin health
• Maintain osteoporosis

Green bean porridge is very good for consumption during the current pandemic to maintain body immunity and health. Thank you for reading my post and have a nice for everyone.


Usually, I enjoy this porridge for breakfast. Yummy, healthy, and easy to make it. :)

I have this porridge for tea time sist @Anggrek. Yupz it’s easy to make and Yummy 😘

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