Ways To Build Your Own Long Term Food Storage

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Have you ever thought about how long you would be able to feed yourself and your family if the grocery stores were empty?

I asked this question on another video and some people got angry about having to ponder a situation like that. It can be difficult to think about having to shift our dependencies on other entities to ourselves. The best way to do that is take responsibility for yourself and for your family by building a food storage and learning how to get prepared today.

In these trying times, let me show you how to prepare The Importance Of Food Storage

If you live day to day and depend on the grocery store for your food, you are living dangerously my friend.

Do you want to be in a situation when you need something and the stores don’t have it because everyone else and their mom already went?

It’s not someone else’s responsibility to leave something on the shelves for you, it’s your responsibility to be ready. Ya know?

In this video I show you some of the methods I’m using to build up my own long term food storage and how you can get started yourself.

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An informative video as always 🌸

@tipu curate

Thank you for the curation it's appreciated

Nice.. I need to do that.. I have lots of food that lasts about 2 Years.. I like the idea of longer term .....just in case..

You never know what life will throw your way. Always be prepared


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Lovely tips..thanks for sharing

Surely preparation is the best, when one is not able to plan in the days of abundance, in the days of lack you'll have yourself to blame


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