Updates To My Prepper Pantry Tour

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✨The reasons I build a food storage✨

If you haven’t started building yours, start now. Don’t become relaxed and dependent on the grocery store for your next meal. My mom recently told me how a co worker who lives in Hawaii by the volcanos that recently erupted sent out an email to work when it happened saying she has to take the afternoon off because of the eruption. She had to run to the grocery store to get food and water. I internally cringed and hoped she would be able to get what she needed.

You realize in any sort of disaster the grocery store will be a zoo? Hurricane, tornado, volcano, whatever 2 years ago was…. don’t find yourself fighting with Karen for the last package of ramen at the store when you could be home prepping something else in a serious situation. Have you started building yours?

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Love checking in on your progress and discoveries. Prepping for an apocalypse while making food available in good times is so great.

I have a couple hot chocolate fans here and they love your whole section!

Always need the hot chocolate ☕😍

Yay! 🤗
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Having shelves with lots of ingredients is the best, preparing is so good and can extend the shelf life of foodstuffs so they don't go to waste.

Suppose it never hurts to be prepared, so nice video

Keep it up


Thank you


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