Celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary with Great Food and Seeing a Very Important Person!

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Hello everyone! After some time of settling down, I can finally pen down an important event in this last 2 months of the year 2023.

The husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary!

For a small quick celebration, we went for a quick easy but super delicious dinner at this very viral burger place called Woodfire. It is a burger joint from Johor Bahru but it has been opening more and more outlets in the Klang Valley and one of them is situated really near my house.

Location: Jalan L 1, Kemensah, 68000 Ampang, Selangor
Opening hours: 12pm to 930pm everyday, closed on Mondays

The menu isn't too elaborate but it has all that it needs to satisfy the customers.

We ordered Stuffed Cheese and Smoked, one burger each for us but we ended up sharing and let each other taste the other burger as well. They are humongous!

Honestly this was not our first time having these burgers but they still amazed us as much as the first round we had them. The sauce of the burgers is well balanced and it pairs perfectly with the burgers. The patties were succulent and juicy and one pairing with caramelized onions, it was just heavenly! I absolutely love them!

Just look at the husband digging in and you can tell the satisfaction he experienced from every bite of it.

This place is humble and simple, no complicated ambience or anything. So they really let their food do the talking to speak for themselves.

It is definitely a place we will return. When we were heading out, we saw this black mama cat feeding sooooo many of her kittens. It was an adorable sight. Me feeling for the mama cat, one mother to another perhaps hahaha.

Next Stop: Detail Scan at a Local Clinic

I made an appointment with a local clinic nearby at 8pm for detail scan for my 20-week-old baby then. First of all, we did not knoe the gender at that time and the doctors from my government clinic actually highly recommended me to scan the organs of the baby as well to make sure everything is alright.

It was about a 40-minute scan. There were many nervouse moments for me because I rarely get yo see the baby in scans as I opt to go to a government clinic and also government hospital this time. Thank God all her organs are developing well and everything is intact.

The highlight of course has to be the gender reveal time. Having 2 boys and their dad non stop asking for a girl, praying to God fervently for a sister, I did not know what to expect. The pressure of the family that is given unknowingly from the relatives also weighed me down actually though they may mean nothing and were joking about breaking the streak of boys that is not broken for 2 generations.

Lo and behold, the sonographer showed it is a girl!!! I was in disbelief and was crying. I shouted because I know my boys will be so delighted. After that when I broke the news over messaging to my my eldest, he was so overjoyed. Yes that night we all had difficulty sleeping because of the excitement.

Don't get me wrong, I love my boys and growing up with boys have been so interesting and fun! Having a girl is something I dare not even dream of and is a totally foreign experience for me. It was so hard for me to believe that I actually asked the sonographer to check twice. After 2 weeks, I am still in quite some disbelief that I went to another clinic for another round of scan to confirm. Stories of babies predicted as girl turning up as boys have scared me a lot.

Here is the collage of all our children in their 2D scan. I paid RM150 for this detail scan and it was worth it!

Planning for baby number 3 really took us a while. We did not want to do it totally unprepared yet we can never be fully prepared for it either. We do what we can to prepare towards it like changing to a 7 seater car first to accomodotae the space enough for 3 car seats then we also plan to transfer the elder boys to their own room and get them their bunk bed. We talked about it alot in the family so everyone is preparing ourselves towards the big change.

Recapping of 10 years

We got married on 23 November 2023. That time, we were clueless of what we were about to enter in. Of course I never expect marriage to be just a bed of roses but neither was I ready for all the efforts and dying to self to nourish marriage. After 10 years, I can say we did not too bad and still want to be with each other.

10 years, not long yet not short either. It is a decade. 10 years with each other and blessed with 3 children, thank God for His grace.

Thank you for being with me this 10 years, thick and thin. We have learnt each other better, stepped out of unrealistic imaginative expectations, resolving differences and also love better. From 2, we have grown into 3, 4 and now 5 of us. Thank you for enduring this new pregnancy which is very different from the previous 2, with me. Now anticipating a new little friend to join our family, our baby girl (as of now ya, according to our detail scan that day, will double triple confirm 🤣).

To more decades with you, Daniel Wong . Happy 10th year anniversary, love you! ❤️ It has been great doing life with you and we continue to do that, to love and to support!

And thank you to some friends and family who supported me through this journey too. You know who you are!


Happy 10th wedding anniversary! :)

Happy 10th Wedding anniversary to both of you. Best wishes and cheers to more happy decades of being together. By the way, the burgers looked so yummy. Just like you, I love burger paired with fries. Have a nice time!

Happy wedding anniversary, I pray that you will always be happy with the people you love, may you always be given health ☺️


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