Dinner at Dai Pai Dong

There is a mini food court called Dai Pai Dong near my parents' house and we decided to try it for dinner. My dad and sister have been here many times but it was definitely my first visit to this place.

I tell you, my husband loved this place! Hahahhaha he kept on wanting to order almost everything while I was actually still feeling a bit full from tea time.

The place is well ventilated and airy, so it was rather pleasant to eat here. The choices of food were also of many different varieties.

Okay I only wanted to order the oyster omelette actually. I just thought I wanted to eat it as much as I can when I was back home.

Then I spotted this stall selling Dien Bien Hu which is a foochow dish that I do not always see everywhere. I loveeeeeeeeee this dish so very much. It is basically flour pieces cooked in a starchy gravy with a lot of white pepper and some black fungus. I always cannot resist when I see a place selling this. Moreover, this is from my mum's hometown and my birthplace, Sarikei. So I ordered a bowl to try and share witj my husband. It was very good!

Husband ordered some pork belly on skewers! This was really amazing as the pork was so tender and juicy!

We ordered also some dumplings with pork and chives filling to share with my dad and sister.

It was such a nice dinner, though I might have overeaten! Dai Pai Dong literally means food stalls that simple to sell any kinds of food. Sometimes they appear by the roadside. Sometimes they exist in the form of a simple food court like this.

After dinner, we went to Forda to buy some food as souvenirs to some friends and colleagues. We bougjt local products like Sarawak instant laksa, kacangma (a type of confinement herbs) back to Kuala Lumpur. Look at my helpful 2 boys helping at the cashier.

Time back home with family is indeed something I really treasure because I only fly back once a year due to the flight tickets expenses and also the trouble of rearranging our schedule for school and work. So I really treasure every bit of it and all the food eaten with my family becomes extra nice! Hahaha!


I really like to makan in a food court like this. You can choose variety of food and its cheap too. I didn't know you from Sarawak. Nice loh dapat balik kampung. 😍😬