Dinner at Premier 101 Food Center, Kuching

Kuching has a lot of food centers and food courts, but Premier 101 is one of the biggest of them all. The choices here are soooooooo many that everyone will surely have difficulty to choose from.

When I came back to it this time, I realized that the choices have increased even more to many China cuisines as well.

Just look at the crowd and number of tables.

I sat the children down with my dad and sister then I took turn with my sister to go find food. My dad's eyes aren't too good at night so we needed to do that. The husband was out for dinner with his friend so my sister and I rotated to take care of my dad and my boys.

I have always heard of the famous Mochi 101. So this time I am going to try it.

They have so many different flavours with different colours to choose from.

Mochi is glutinous flour made into a mixture and cut into small pieces and then being coated by peanuts. It is a very delectable snack.

Guess who was the one enjoying it most?? My secondborn! Look at him digging in!

I also ordered a 手抓饼which is like a crispy flour pancake with lettuce and sauce in it.

This is eaten with hand so they were thoughtful to give us disposable glove for it. This was ordered at the same mochi stall where the stall person used a walkie talkie to inform another contact to prepare. I also was wondering where this was prepared.

Sister bought us some Taiwanese sausages. I haven't eaten this in ages. Yums!

Dad was eating a char Kuey teow, which is fried flat rice noodles, sister was having some kind of China noodles while the boys had rice with some chicken and stir fried ladies finger. I forgot to take pictures of those because this place was actually quite noisy and hot.

After dinner, I dropped my sister home and went to visit my former teacher who is also my mum's distant cousin with my boys. She has told my mum she wanted to see us so I went over to visit. We caught up on life and she as a retiree, is still studying and doing case study is really inspiring. She was also my former school's Christian Fellowship teacher who had been faithfully bringing me and sister to church when we were teens. Really thanks to her on my spiritual growth.

Kuching has really developed a lot and now the food choices are as much as what we have in Peninsular Malaysia too. I sometimes like to go food centers like this but sometimes I can feel a bit too overwhelmed by the choices here. Nevertheless, if it is your first time visting Kuching, this may be a good place to come to.

Premier 101 Food Center
Location: 154, Jalan Kempas, Tabuan Heights, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak
Opening Hours: 6pm to 12am


I love scallion pancakes. Delicious!