Late Night Dinner/Supper with Husband The Other Night!

Occasionally my children stay over at their grandparent's and they did that recently when the school holidays just started. So I went out to have a very late dinner with the husband that night... to eat food that usually my children don't eat. So we went out to a mall nearby at 9pm.

First Stop

We went to a middle Eastern stall in a food court to try something I have anticipated for long - Kunafa!!!! It is a type of dessert in the Middle East and it always looks enticing for me. We finally tried a cheese kunafa because that is the only one left from the stall. It is served with pistachio nuts powder on top. I super love the savory sweet combination!

Next was this lamb hummus with some flat bread. Okay, the bread was cold but the hummus and lamb was delicious. The hummus was drizzled with some olive oil and it tasted good!

Second Stop

We went to a Chinese Muslim shop thst we passed by earlier before we dined at the Middle Eastern stall at the food court of Melawati Mall. The food there is the type of food my husband and I like because we actually miss the taste of real authentic food from China when we went there many years ago when we first got married. We were very impressed with their Spices and the bursting flavour of their cuisine.

So we ordered a noodle with stir-fried beef and also their beef dumplings. I feel like if any Chinese restaurant can speak for its food, we should try their dumplings. It was really good and with the chilli oil dipping sauce, it levelled the whole taste up. The beef noodle was also not bad. The beef was not chewy at all but tender and succulent. It was an overall an enjoyable experience. The restaurant also runs some promotion for certain hours where you can get free dumplings if you meet certain terms and conditions. Attractive to dumplings- lovers!

It was a good slow supper/ dinner with the husband as we talked too over the meals. I treasure and appreciate times like this when I am less tense without needing to give attention to the children and be on guard the whole time hehehe.


It's always amazing to go out with the family and have your favorite meal. I'm really craving to taste the dessert honestly. I would sure look for it's recipe on the Google if I can make it for myself.

It's good that your children have time with their grandparents. For sure they made them happy.
Wow! Indeed spending some other time with our hubby/wifey is a great need as well despite how busy we are. Such a sweet couple. God bless.

Ohhhhhh those food looks really amazing. And more amazingly is that they managed to turn it to halal but still taste amazing. At least it is a "Healthier version" for our Malay neighbourd compared to usual goreng, masak lemak, sambal, and super sweet dessert 😆

Take you out again this week :)
Where should we go?