Pre-Christmas Lunch with My Little Family after Recovery

Last week was rough when the husband got hit by covid once again, that made him infected for the 3rd time. Then the secondborn also was unwell. I wasn't sure if he caught covid too but it seemed in the end he had another viral infection which was later passed to me.

After some rounds of flu and sore throat, we finally recovered. Then I went into a house decluttering mode before the year ends. It was really really hard work but it paid off. We even managed to make over the small room to transit the boys into their own room. Will blog about this biggest Christmas present for them which is a big bunk bed another time.

When the husband had an off day finally, he asked to take us out to our favorite Christmas place which is a tea house called Miss Ellie Tea House in our neighbourhood. This tea house has been voted as one of the best tea time places or tea houses in Klang Valley. The best thing about it is they have never compromise on their food quality and the great satisfaction they bring after.

Going to Miss Ellie Tea House during the Christmas season is a huge plus point. They really put in a lot of effort to decorate the place to be soooooooooo festive. You will understand what I mean when I show you the pictures of the place.

Front the entrance outside to the whole tea house inside, it is made to feel so cozy and warm like we really entered a home. These were done by the owner's mum who did an excellent job!

I am just so in love with the Christmas vibe it gives!

Next up, the food!

I let the husband do the order because he already has some cravings to fulfill. Hahaha!

While waiting for the food, we took photos of our time together. It was really a nice chill time together.

Salmon cooked in dill sauce

My husband always says if he wants to eat a salmon cooked to perfection, he will come here for it. True enough! It was so tender and succulent, not under or overcooked at all. Pairing with the dill sauce, it was just phenomenal!

Chicken Roulade

I have always seen this on their menu but got distracted by the other items. This round, we finally tried it! The tender chicken was rolled with some cranberries in it that makes it very tasty. Paired with salad and their best mashed potato, this is definitely awesome!

Chicken parmigiana

My two boys had this for lunch. It is very very good fried chicken breast topped with a lot of cheese. My second son exclaimed that it tasted like pizza! I took some bites and have to agree with him. This is also very delicious!

Sticky date pudding

This is specially on their Christmas menu. My husband made a good call ordering it. It has candied macadamian nuts at the bottom and then a layer of dates cake then topped with a parfait (according to the hostess, it is some sort of like an ice-cream). Oh my this is sooooooooo yummy though I could only have some small bites! My boy who is a sweet tooth enjoyed it bite after bite!!!

Pistachio cranberry cookies

This is baked by them and sold for Christmas. My husband was planning to order to gift to his supplier when the hostess came with one for us for free. That was a surprise to us! Actually we do know the owner and the hostess who is his wife but still, it was unexpected.

I like it very much because it is less sweet!

Miss Ellie Tea House is indeed my happy place. It is our Christmas happy place and also my pregnancy happy place because I must eat here at least once whenever I am pregnant. Hahahah. It was such a satisfying lunch that day and I highly recommend this place if you are in KL.

Location: 7, Jalan H 3, Taman Melawati, 53100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 12pm to 930pm. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays


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What a treat ♥ And it looks healthy!

I like this one, the topping looks very creamy

Beautiful family :)

It looks delicious 😊 especially Chicken parmigiana