Kupola Maaya - Uncover the Charm of a "Hidden" Garden Café

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A few months ago, I met up with one of my close friends and she brought me to a dainty cafe which I would never have thought I would fall in love with.

Just located near the condominium where she was living, it was just a 5-minute walk to KUPOLA MAAYA.

It was our first time to experience the place. I wasn't at all excited at first but when I stepped inside the cafe, I was blown away by how aesthetically pleasing the interior design was. Hands down!


If I remember it correctly, it was a weekday so when we arrived, there was no other customer. We had the place to ourselves. And so I took the liberty to take photos of the place before it got crowded.


Their main theme was a garden-type cafe but for me, it was an elevated mix of garden, boho, and chic.

The entrance part looked spacious because of the dome-shaped, high ceiling design. There were enough tables and chairs with a color palette of brown and white. I also love they hung ornamental plants and bamboo pendant lights. At the end was the bar area. That means they served either coffee or a cocktail!




On the left side area upon entering the cafe, there were sectioned rooms; each with a unique yet complimentary design to the main area.




This spot right here felt more like a place good to have your cocktail drinks with your girlfriends due to its yellow dim lights, darker color tones of furniture, and the hanging fairy lights. It felt like a more casual yet cozy place.




The next room was far different. Its theme was more like an indoor setting and modern. This area would be great for a coffee date or a business meetup.



On the back side, an outdoor open setting filled with plants. The chairs and tables and the setup look dainty; more garden-themed. And on the other side of the glass wall, is another room for private events!

I loved how the owners and the designer maximized the floor area of their place.







The menu has a variety of dishes to choose from ranging from Appetizers to Brunch meals, sandwiches, and pastas. Their main menu includes chicken, beef, salmon, pork, and steak where prices range from Php 290-550!

They also have a variety of drinks including coffee, cold brew, juices, and tea. And let's not forget their cocktail drinks like Amaretto Sour, Red Sangria, and Tequila sunrise with prices ranging from Php 250-380. They also have unlimited Amaretto or Sangria on Weekdays from 6-8 pm. Just the perfect place for girls like us who love a drink when stressed out!











My friend ordered the TWIN HERB PORKCHOP (Php 350) while I had IMPANATA DI PESCE which is a coated fish fillet fried with fresh mango salsa. We also had a Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings (Php 230).

I had a taste of the pork chop. It was soft and seasoned well. The dish was simple yet plated well. It was delicious to look at and savory to the taste.




My dish had a different take - The fillet was cooked well but the salsa won me over. Though I wish they had added more of it.


WhatsApp Image 2024-02-25 at 11.03.07_31c9f44e.jpg

For our drinks we had the Buy 1 Take 1 Coffee. She chose the White Choco Mocha while I had the Spanish Latte.


And so we enjoyed a great chat over good food! We had a great time here and we both promised to come back for the unlimited drinks!

I haven't been in the city for quite some time but it was such a treat to be able to visit a beautiful cafe like this so make sure to visit Kupola Maaya on your next visit to Cebu. It's worth it. Located at Gen. E. Osmeña St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu. They are open from Tuesdays to Sundays usually from 11 am to 10pm.

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The ambiance look so relaxing. I like the design also.

I couldn't agree more! I would love to open a restaurant/cafe like this in the future.

Wish you can achieve that @indayclara who's know? 😊

Looking great sa imohang hair style @indayclara angayan kaayo 😍

Oh no! I am planning to grow my hair long. Don't tempt me. 😁

Go Miss, I wanna see it puhon 😁

Hi @indayclara I loved your pictures, this place has a great vibe, each of the environments has its charm, very nice place to share a good time, it looks fresh those colors and plants add the magic.

Nice tour that you share with us and the images are excellent.

@sagarkothari88 vote

Appreciate your kind words! Fresh and Magic resonates a lot. I am happy to have found such place in my area.

This place looks so beautiful and nice

Thank you! Do you have such places like this in you area?

Yeah we actually do. But I I really go there.

Love the ambiance 💙😍 They perfectly incorporate live plants with artificial ones💙 P.S. I must say your blouse shows your vibrant personality in such a dainty place to dine in. Thanks for sharing @indayclara ☺️

I so agree! I love the hanging plants as well. Just made the place a whole lot cozy. Thanks for dropping by!

The place looks fascinating and the food not to mention, I'm sure you had a great time, thanks for sharing. 🤗

I have yet to try their other food! On my next visit for sure!

True! The place looks cozy and the foods served seems delicious. Looking at you and your friend, you enjoy so much of your time relaxing in the place @indayclara 😊

Perfect place to hang out especially during stress days.

Wow your getting sexier everyday inday clara!

Lovely ambience and your dresses as well 😊❤️

Kay ganda ng place katulad ng Model

Looks like a great time!
I love Kupola and that area in general. Lots of good places there, Cebu City has so much to offer.


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I love the place! The ambience and the atmosphere around here should be relaxing and soothing..Thanks for sharing @indayclara.

beautiful place to spend a different afternoon, I like it. My dear @indayclara I need your guidance I am working on a solidarity project in my country Venezuela, I'm just taking my first steps and my desire is to integrate the web3 to the project but I do not have the guidance to develop my idea.