Dinner and Tasting Sweet Coriander Fried Chicken at Lavin Kofie - Coffee Shop with a Fancy Restaurant Vibes

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Hello Foodies
How are you today ? I hope and pray, we are all always given health and also happiness in living this life. I am also very happy, to finally be given the time and opportunity to be able to participate and contribute to the Foodies Be Hive Community to share stories about my experiences and culinary explorations.

Some time ago, I received an interesting piece of information regarding a discount voucher offer to eat at a new cafe or coffee shop in my city. As someone who likes discounted prices and dine in cafes, I certainly couldn't pass up this opportunity. Finally, I bought the discount voucher and went to the location of the café.

The cafe I went to was called Lavin Kofie, one of the newest cafes and coffee shops in Medan City. Lavin Kofie is located H. Adam Malik Street no. 128 Medan Barat District – Medan City. By location, this café is located in the city center of Medan City and is very strategic as a hang out point. One of the most interesting things about Lavin Kofie is the location of this café which is in the same building as the MG Car showroom. But don't be afraid or hesitate to come to Lavin Kofie, because we can come there without having to buy a car.

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Lavin Kofie gives us an interesting experience that you shouldn't miss. The indoor space of this café is very beautiful, elegant and cozy. All the furniture used is also very aesthetic and very luxurious. We can choose to sit relaxed on the sofa or choose chairs and tables that are very comfortable. So, a café experience like this is something new for people in my city, like being in a luxury restaurant or a fine dining restaurant.

The food and beverage menu choices from Lavin Kofie are also very complete and varied. For drink choices, various menus are available such as coffee, tea, mocktails, cocktails and also sharing other signature drinks. For food choices, there are main courses, desserts and snacks. So, I can also say Lavin Kofie can be your choice for lunch or dinner.

I came very hungry at that time and immediately exchanged my discount voucher to the waiter at this restaurant. I can choose one of the four main course menus, namely Sweet Coriander Fried Chicken, Sweet Coriander Fried Dory, Kaffir Lime Chicken, Kaffir Lime Dory and Creamy Mushroom Pasta. For this food choice, it is included in the bundling of ice lemon tea drinks. One food package is priced at IDR 39K (2.62USD).

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I chose to order sweet coriander fried chicken with a portion of rice for my meal at that time. My food order came pretty fast, about 10 minutes after I placed my order. The food ordering system here is made by order, so every order will be cook so that every food delivered to the table is warm and delicious.

For a moment when my food order came, I was amazed by the way the chef plated the food. Actually, the food I ordered was very simple, namely chicken and rice. However, the way of cooking and processing makes this dish look beautiful and delicious at the same time.

My dish was served on a white plate. After that, sweet coriander fried chicken was arranged on top of a portion of rice, it looked like it was arranged very well. Then, the chef put the dried coriander leaves as an additional garnish which further enhances the beauty of this dish. In addition, the composition of the ingredients of this dish also uses interesting color variations. We will see some colors like green, red and brown. I've read that the right color composition in a dish can increase our appetite.

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I immediately ate the dish I ordered. I just tasted one spoon, I can already taste the delicacy. This Sweet Coriander Fried Chicken has a taste that really suits my appetite. The chicken meat has a complex taste which is sweet, salty and savory. Besides, the chicken meat also tastes very aromatic. I think the corriender leaves used in this dish affect the taste.

So, I really enjoyed my culinary and dinner experience at Lavin Kofie. When else, I can enjoy a dinner with vibes like this in a luxury restaurant at a price that's affordable for my wallet.

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Call me Isdarmady, because I have a full name that is very long, namely Isdarmady Syahputra Ritonga. I am a head of the family who work as Farmers Vegetables Hydroponic and Consultant Hydroponics, sometimes I also sell coffee from various regions in Indonesia.
I have expertise dispensing coffee with a variety of techniques and tools brewing, because I have the desire to make a coffee shop with hydroponics as centerpieces. Help me realize that dream.

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Lavin kofie looks truly like a fancy place, the bar coffee area it's amazing 😍

hello @noemilunastorta thank you for stopping by
You are absolutely right, I also really like the bar of this coffee shop.

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I would always say yess to this sweet coriander fried chicken, because why not it contains a lot of nutrition and vitamin which is good for our such a one meal. The restaurant looks nice dear, I love to be surrounded like this

Thank you for stopping by @seyha.mich and I'm so glad you stopped by my blog