My Culinary Experience at Dopamine Cafe - Tasting Delicious Western and Indonesian Food

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Hello everyone,
How are you all? I hope it's in a happy condition. My final activity for today was taking my wife to dinner at a restaurant that she had wanted to eat at for a long time, do you know why this has only now come true? Because I got a project that was good enough money to buy him a nice dinner.

Actually, I had plan to take my wife to this cafe several months ago. But I just had enough free time to enjoy time together, this happen to be the right time at the end of the week. My wife really likes spending time together on Saturday nights, she says it's very romantic.


It turns out that making my wife happy is very easy, she really likes it, especially since the food at this restaurant is complete, starting from local food (Indonesian cuisine), western food and healthy food. So, this time I will review the food at Dopamine Cafe, because it really tastes delicious, it's worth trying and I really recommend it to everyone in the world to try the food at this restaurant.


The first time, we were give a very thick menu book. I not even sure I could read the whole menu, but my wife was look for food that was low in carbohydrates and high in fiber for her. while I want to try western food. Falling in love with a menu that I think is very rare in restaurants in my city, especially restaurants with a double concept like this, coffee shop and eatery.

I chose one of the spaghetti menus that caught my attention in the menu book, namely spaghetti margheritta. Well, after 10 minutes waiting for the food we ordered to arrive at the table, I saw that it was served very well. It looks very colorful with a little parsley for green, then there is also red from the chilies and a few pieces of tomato.


This is the first time I have eaten spaghetti margheritta and seen it in person, because usually I like spaghetti full of cheese, like carbonara, this time it was time to try something new. I think spaghetti margheritta tastes a little spicy with a denser texture, unlike carbonara which feels very thick with cheese and flour.

This spaghetti margheritta is very full of natural flavors, such as garlic, a little spicy from the chilies and is also topped with beef smoked ham which tastes very good, has a strong aroma, and there is a little extra butter to stir-fry all the ingredients into an authentic meal.


Apart from ordering western food, I also ordered gejrot tofu which is very spicy and has a slightly sweet and savory taste. Gejrot tofu is a unique food, because it tastes very authentically Indonesian. This food consists of tofu which is fry and then give a typical Indonesian sauce. This sauce is made from soy sauce which is add with crushed onions and cayenne pepper. Then added with a little salt as a savory taste. It is call 'Tahu Gejrot' because the sauce is made by grinding it or grinding it with a grinding stone.

Of course, I also ordered sweet tea with ice to complement dinner this time, I requested it with just a little sugar.


Our third order was a very large bowl with mango smoothies. My wife was curious about the mango smoothie, she said she wanted to order one for dinner this time. Want to eat something sweet but not too dangerous for diabetes.


The smoothies from this café turned out to be quite complete with various fruit toppings such as mango and lemon, as well as sprinkles of granola and chia seeds as fiber, we also saw a mint leaf in the middle of the bowl as a complementary coloring. I think these smoothies are made from frozen mangoes in the freezer which are then pureed with a blender and poured into a bowl. In my opinion, it is very similar to ice cream and it really melts on the tongue.


Apart from the food which is quite interesting, complete and tastes delicious, Dopamine Coffee and Eatery is very eye-catching for a restaurant class with cheap prices, you know. No wonder it's always crowded with lots of people, especially family restaurants, because there are so many foods that can be enjoyed by everyone from toddlers to adults.

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Spaghetti margheritta With beef smoked ham sounded so fancy! The dopamine written on the walls was so satisfying to see. Never have I gotten to see such kinda words on these cafés. It’s always caffeine this caffeine that.