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After more than fours hours traveling on the road, and it was almost lunch, we decided to come over to one of the restaurants at the mountainside of Cebu, La Vie in the Sky. Yes, we had a couple of stopovers earlier on this trip. Considering it was our special day, we opted to dine in at this beautiful restaurant.

From the corner of Cebu Trancentral Highway, we drove uphill for one kilometer to reach the place. It was not our first time taking the route. Upon reaching the destination, we were greeted by these two giant statues from the parking area. They were magnificent. We passed them as we took the stairs going to the restaurant. It was almost eleven in the morning so there were only a few customers that time. We rested for a while in the garden, taking out the exhaustion from the long trip. It was quite relaxing, having the view of the city from the top while the air kissed our cheeks.

La Vie in the Sky is a restaurant and a winery at the same time. And it's located at Busay, Cebu City. It is a resto-bar, and people who like to do instagrammable posts would definitely love this place, wherein every corner, you will have the classic and French ambiance. Many of our friends also love this place. But because of the distance that this restaurant has from our house, and it is away from the city proper, we do not come here regularly.

The interior of the restaurant was amazing. As my wife said, they were Instagram-worthy. There were a lot of things to see, starting from the ground floor to the rooftop. That's why this place is also one of the favorites for photographers to have their photoshoot to their clients, especially the prenuptial shoots. There were a lot of details and elements inside that could catch the attention of our eyes. Though I was hoping that a piece of good music could entertain us as well that time, we couldn't hear any. But the voices of the customers and the waves of laughter of the children who were there.

This place has a wide variation when it comes to foods and drinks. Upon entering the cafe, we were amazed by the options that we could have. From our choice of ingredients to our pasta and salad, to choose for our skewers or selecting our delicious dessert, not to mention the different gelato flavors, and our choice of wine. These were only a few of the many options we could order and have on our plate.

My wife had a good time selecting what we could have for lunch. I just permitted her to do it. As expected, it took her quite a while to decide what to have. We both love pizza and pasta, so she was stuck to it. It was a good thing that there were only a few customers, so it was not crowded. Not to mention the staffs were cheerful and accommodating. Their selections of wines were great. But non-alcoholic drinks were also available. It was a good thing that the entrance fee was consumable. We just had to add more to the total cost.

After ordering our food and drinks, we proceeded to the terrace. We opted to have our seats there because our eyes could directly see the beautiful view of the city. Though it was past eleven in the morning, the weather was not that hot. And considering that we were at the mountain top, the ambiance was refreshing. We waited for our food while enjoying our view, with a good conversation. There were only a few tables occupied. As one of the staff said, most customers come in the late afternoon because the city lights are magnificent by evening. My wife wanted to try it since we haven't done it. But maybe on the next visit.

After several minutes, our orders arrived. The ambiance at the terrace was more relaxing, where all we could see was the fantastic view and the green scenery. It was perfect in our eyes while enjoying the food. My wife was obviously having a great time. Both of us love to escape the chaotic side of the city, and the place was a perfect one. We almost forgot that we traveled so early that day, and we still had to drive back to the city. At that time, we just enjoy our moment. We brought with us our drone, so we were able to capture the aerial view of the place.

It was a tiring trip, but we had a great time. It was our first long trip for our first anniversary with our scooter. We were able to see so many magnificent views along the way, documented it with us, and finished a delicious lunch here at La Vie in the Sky. Thankful that the weather was good, and it did not rain. It was a bit gloomy. We were quite hesitant to push with the plan the night before, but we did it. We plan to have several trips in the future, and we are excited about it.

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Wonderful view and wonderful food

Indeed, they are. Thank you for visiting.

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Thank you for dropping by. The place was really wonderful.