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Cajun Belly Chop - a slob of pork chop and belly in spicy cajun sauce is a must if you're a first time customer at the Vue πŸ’•
Butcher's Steak - U.S Angus beef served with house gravy πŸ’•. One of the cheapest steak I tried!
Bacon, Anchovy, & Capers in Olive Oil - I love love love anchovies and this is recommended if you love pasta πŸ’•
Quesadilllas! Yeah it comes in 4 flavors cheese, chicken, bacon, and beef. I tried their chicken and bacon both tasted good but I love the chicken more πŸ’•
Spam Breakfast - I got it for my baby and she enjoyed the grilled tomatoes on it. Super yummy breakfast πŸ’•
Mango Mojito is a must-try πŸ’•

The Vue is located at Cebu Yacht Club and is one definite must-go-to for people who'd want a whiff of sea breeze while enjoying a great view, and- most of all delight their taste buds with amazing food. The place is open-air and it was midday when we visited but good thing it wasn’t that humid. The servings are huge, and you will surely be full with any platter on their menu. Their drinks are not pricey as well, a glass mojito only cost Php 120 and their fruit shakes for only Php 100. Great customer service and considering the number of dishes we ordered, I think the service was fast.
Indeed, we were not disappointed and I totally agree with other reviews that the place really has a spectacular view!

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The food looks way to exquisite! Amazing blog.

Thank you πŸ’•

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