Pinakbet ; How to Cook it?

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Hello hivers qnd foodies lovers! How are you all? Have you eaten your lunch or dinner? Well, I have here one recipe to share, and it's called “Pinakbet” in ilokano.


My Pinakbet is Ilokanong Pakbet that's why it's incomplete. I only put three vegetables; eggplant, bitter gourd, and okra.

I will show you how I prepared and cooked my pakbet.

First, I prepared the three vegetables; okra, eggplant, and bitter gourd.

It looks like this.


Prepare the ingredients.


Let's also add


To lessen the bitterness of bitter gourd.


Of course our pork meat. It's the thing I cooked, I chopped into small square size and boiled it until the water evaporated. I waited until the pork’s oil came out. And when it’s released, I fried it until it became brown with its own oil.


When the meat is brown, I put the Garlic first.


The onion


The ginger


I also add peppermint

Saute them for 1 minute or just see if it's okay to add another ingredients.


I add the tomato, and I just saute it for a little bit before adding the eggplant, bitter gourd, and okra.


After a minute, I added the 3 main vegetables


I put bagoong, water, and magic sarap.

I covered it and I waited until it will boiled. When it's boiling, and the Pinakbet seems like already cooked, I just lower the fire of the shelane.



And after how many minutes, the pakbet looks like this and yummy.

I hope you like it!


vegetarian pork dish 😅

Anyways, looks good, would try.

Yes sir. Pakbet is nice.

Sarap naman yan

Opo sir. Nakalimutan ko nga pong picturan noong iseserve ko na. Tsaka ko lang naalala noong tapos na kaming kumain, buti nalang po may natira para i blog HAHAHA

OMG mouthwatering! One of my fav Ilokano dishes!



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