Weekend feast for a triple birthday celebration!

It was a delayed and belated Birthday celebration for 3 of our spouses, namely, Denion, Jimmy, and Patrick whose Birthdays were all in January and February. Due to very busy and hectic schedules, we couldn't find a common time to celebrate hence delayed till last Saturday night.

Our food spread for the night ala potluck style! Everyone contributed something, and yes, it was a lot! haha.

Gyoza / Dumplings by Joanne. She's a good cook and so far, everything she cooks, I thoroughly enjoy them. It's very homely! Unfortunately, she cooked it way earlier so the skin was supposed to be crispy but it wasn't. However, it still tasted so good!

Filipino-style spaghetti made by @danielwong with banana ketchup, frankfruters, and some minced meat. This was popular with the children too as it was more on the sweet side. The adults enjoyed it as well.

Marinated Chicken Chop made by Angie. She used her Thermomix for this dish together with the gravy in the next picture. It was delicious!

The chicken gravy made with some interesting ingredients which included ketchup. It tasted sublime everyone was going back again and again for it.

Potato salad made by me and my faithful sous chef @michelleloh168 . Sauces were mayo, sour cream, mustard, smoked papprika, salt, pepper, together with potatoes, hard boiled eggs, bacon bits, and dill. My first time making git, and I thought it was yummy!

One of the first few western dish I made many years ago, thanks to Gordon Ramsay was a shepherd's pie. This is a cottage pie as I used beef. Shepherd's pie uses minced lamb which I couldn't get. Very simple and straight forward to make actually and I did it with my sous chef as well. Yummy!

Meatballs by Joanne. I didn't ask her what she made it with but, it was tasty!

The children really had a lot of fun. So noisy, but hey, who doesn't like a happy noise by children? Haha... well, not for long at least. They love the balcony for whatever reason! Children were also the main topic by the adults as there were many stories shared across the families.

I was spending time with these two, the youngest among the other children and I tried just asking them to come to me for a photo which is usually not easy. But hey, to my surprise they both came and look at their smile! Oh my heart.... melted!

Then I said, let's take again... and they obliged! Oh my! @happycrazycon your son is so animated and I love it! haha

According to @happycrazycon , her second son's favorite spot in the house is the fridge with all these alphabet magnets. Here's @michelleloh168 entertaining him with the alphabets.

Here are the Birthday boys! Opsss...Men! haha. From left to right, Denion - Jimmy & my husband, Patrick.

Denion & Patrick both playing along to show some love to each other while Jimmy felt "geli" at that experience. Haha! I thought it was hilarious.

And here's all of us together for a group photo! It's such a privilege to do life together through so much thick and thin just celebrating each others' milestones and special days. Full, Happy, Satisfied.*

Happy Birthday to them once again and thanks to the amazing ladies, Angie, Joanne, Connie, Michelle, and myself for all effort from start to finish. Cheers to more celebrations in life!


Happy Birthday to the celebrants and the food all looks so good. Filipino style spaghetti 👍

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