“15-Grain Rice15穀米” [English and Japanese]

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“15-Grain Rice”

I got a multigrain rice・15-grain pack when I went to Japan. I love this! It's easy to make 15-grain rice using this pack. The rice taste becomes very tasty, sticky, and soft.

There are sprouted genmai (brown) rice, roasted white sesame seeds, roasted black sesame seeds, quinoa, millet, rolling barely, pearl barley, adzuki beans, sprouted red rice, corn, sawa millet, amaranthus, glutinous millet, black rice, and black soybeans in the pack.

After cooking with white rice, the rice becomes beautiful purple-looking rice. It is good with fish, meat, vegetables, or even as rice balls. It is very healthy and delicious!





About Oishii Multigrain Rice・15-grains おいしい雑穀米・15穀についてはこちら: https://goods.jccu.coop/lineup/4902220000227.html




・White rice 2 cups
・Water for 2 cups or rice
・One pack of 15-grain

  1. Wash rice.
  2. Pour water for the level 2 of rice.
  3. Add one 15-grain pack.
  4. Cook it.
  5. After cooking, mix it.

・白米 2合
・水 2合分
・15穀パック 1袋


I usually make rice balls with my hands but since I stopped using plastic wrap, I sometimes feel it’s troublesome to make rice balls with my bare hands or using wax cloth wrap. I was looking for a wooden rice ball maker but I couldn’t find a wooden one. I got a plastic rice ball maker instead. It’s easy and cuts time when I need to make rice balls quickly. When I find a wooden one, I definitely will buy it!

  1. Put rice up to half of the rice ball maker.
  2. Add inside ingredients such as baked salmon, Ume pickles, mayo tuna, bonito with cheese and soy sauce, or more, put a little more rice on the top of the inside toppings.
  3. Put on the top of the plastic rice ball maker.
  4. Take the top off, sprinkle a little salt, and push it and take the rice ball down on the half of the roasted seaweed.


2、おにぎりの具: 焼き鮭、梅、ツナマヨ、おかかチーズなどを入れて、その上からご飯をのせます。


I really like this 15-grain rice. I ate it very quickly! I definitely want to buy it again!


My Site: https://koto-art.wixsite.com/mysite-1/home


Looks good! We buy the same 15-grain packs. It's good!

If you find a good wooden onigiri maker, let me know. I'm always telling my wife not to use plastic wrap, but her answer is there is no other good way to do it. Hmmm.

I saw this wooden onigiri maker below↓ before but I am still looking for a different shape, exactly the same style as my plastic one. I will let you know if I find different shapes for sure. Since I quit using plastic 'saran' wrap, I enjoy using my hands or bee's wax cloth but "mendokusai" me will sometimes show up... I understand your wife's feelings as well. If someone could create bamboo material 'saran' wrap, that would be great though!



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