Bootleg Special Is The Best Restaurant In Boston | Tour Inside And Meet The Owner

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Are you in Boston and looking for a eatery? A hangout or romantic dinner? It's located by the corner of Tremont and Herald St, "Bootleg Special" is a Seafood Restaurant that's truly unique served by bringing the most classic ingredients to the upscale sensation of flavors and gourmet looking presentation.

I'm not saying just because my husband is from Boston, but it's rare to find a restaurant with good food and the best calming environment to fill with your friends while enjoying some drinks with live music.



Some Main Courses

Below are some pictures of their food, although I forgot to take pictures of all the food right after they served, but lucky enough to have some of them. By the way, I highly recommend to order the Garlic Spaghetti in Shrimp it's the best of the best.
You can check their website for some menu and pictures,






Meet The Owner and Chef

It was an honer to meet the Owner (he is also the Top Chef), another Chef, some staffs and tour every room in the restaurant. As they are friendly and keep everything in the restaurant clean and tidy.

Chris Young, owner and the top chef.

Second Chef.

One of the kitchen staff.




The stage for live music is upstair by the balcony.

Their Art Work Are Simple But Will Make You Smile

One thing that caught my eyes was the decoration of the hallway, is unlike anywhere else, something that you want to look and read every word on the wall painting.
Although all are the same Naughty New Orleans, you will continue smiling all the way to the restrooms. Or, if you drink too much you may even Laugh Out Loud along with the words Ha Ha Ha Ha inside the restroom.




Last But Not Least

The customers were getting heavier and kept coming as we finished our foods, so I decided to grabbed my last order, a glass of Gin Tonic and some Beignets as my dessert and sat outside by the street. What a life.




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Un lugar genial para compartir momentos especiales 🤗

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