Having tea and dessert at a Michelin Recommended Restaurant in Krakow

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Hey guys,

The day we spent in Krakow this week was absolutely amazing! We enjoyed every moment here, from morning till night.
Actually, we ended the day in this beautiful city of Krakow by having a late tea and dessert.
The restaurant is located in Main Square, just in the center of the city.

We decided to go the moment we saw the sign: Michelin 2023.
We did our research and find out this sign means that the restaurant is Michelin recommended. In other words, this means you'll find quality and good food. And indeed, the desserts we ordered were super delicious!

The restaurant is called Szara Resto&Bistro, located more precisely in Rynek Glowny, Krakow, Poland.


Just to clarify things, the restaurant doesnt have Michelin Stars.
It's just a restaurant recommended by the Michelin Committee, meaning they serve tasty and quality food.

Here I leave you these texts:

While a rating of one to three stars is most coveted, what usually remains under the radar are the restaurants listed in the red book but have not been awarded a star or a Bib Gourmand, an award created in 1997 to be given out to establishments that serve good food at moderate prices. These places are, in fact, judged by the same five criteria used for starred and Bib Gourmand restaurants, and are recognized as establishments serving good food.

“A restaurant in the Recommended selection is the sign of a chef using quality ingredients that are well cooked; simply a good meal,” says Michael Ellis, International Director of the MICHELIN Guide books. “It means that the inspectors have found the food to be above average, but not quite at star or Bib level.”

Source here

In fact, I accessed official Michelin website myself and found this restaurant being included on the list of restaurants in Poland that were Michelin Recommended, within their Guide list.


Because we've had enough food before, eating to Christmas Market Fair, we decided to go with a dessert and a drink.
We've had such a busy day in Krakow visiting and walking! This cozy moment spent here was heart warming, perfect to end the day.


The restaurant looks charming, old style combined with a retro style, I would say.
They have two restaurant rooms and it's quite big.
Chairs are comfortable enough, I dont have reasons to complain about a thing.




The atmosphere was nice: ambient music playing at a gentle volume, warm color lights, people having conversations and smiling, having a good time.

The stuff was....let's say, OK-ish! They weren't too friendly and they didnt move as fast as I thought, considering that the restaurant was not full, not even close. They came to our table quite late to take our order.
Instead, after we ordered, it didn't last much until we enjoyed the drinks and the desserts.



I ordered a mint tea and my husband a beer.
My tea was perfect to warm up after spending a long time outside.
I think I didn't mention that temperetures were around -4°C.




We decided to go with a Crème Brûlée and a Chocolate Cake.

More specifically, Crème Brûlée with Apple Wiskey, at a cost of 38zl. That is around 9 euros.

And the chocolate cake was with blackberry and coffee sauce and it costs the same as creme brulee, 38zl.

In case you wonder, the chocolate cake was mine and I was soooooo happy with my choice!
It was soo sooo delicious, wow! I'm not exagerating, for my taste, it was amazingly delicious!
It has such a rich flavor and the chocolate mousse on top was so delicate and perfect! It was really sweet, but I liked it this way! After all is a chocolate cake.

The Creme Brulle was delicious as well and the whiskey gave such a nice touch.





Overall, it was a nice experience. What matters the most is how we felt! And we felt comfortable here!
And of course, we enjoyed our desserts and drinks! 🥮

What about you? Did you have a lovely time somewhere in Krakow? Do you have a favorite spot or restaurant in Krakow?

Have a lovely week,

Missdeli 💓



The cupboards remind me more of an old chemist's shop than a restaurant. 😉
The number of exposed wine bottles that spend their lives upright in the cupboard suggests that they all have screw caps. After all, who stores their wine upright?😏
The portion of crème brûlée seemed enormous. But as there is no fruit garnish, perhaps it is just right? In December, the strawberry next to the chocolate cake. You have to think of that first.🍓
A mention in the Michelin Guide is now absolutely normal. I know restaurateurs who don't mention it because they're afraid it might put off potential customers. "Oh, Michelin - it must be very expensive here." 😢

In your beautiful and informative article, the teacup on the left also leaves room for speculation 😊.

I think you have a good eye for all the details you mentioned, which I don't, to be honest. 😁

The portion of creme brule was actually quite small. It was only 1-1.5 cm deep and maybe around 15cm diameter. Definitely this isnt enourmous.
The strawberry, yes! Thats what I thought as well but this doesnt change how the dessert tastes! I am honest when I say this was good. At least for my taste, my expectations and my restaurant experiences.
In fact, thats what Michelin Guide is all about with their restaurant guided list: they mention where u can find good quality food without being too expensive or too fancy.

Overall, me and my husband had a good time with our lovely friends, enjoying a dessert and a tea. The atmosphere was nice and the order was as expected! What to complain about? It was just the place for that night.

Thank you for your reply and for sharing your thoughts about this place!

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Those desserts look sumptuous 🤤

They were resonable in my opinion. They were tasty, thats what matters the most. 😊

Finding a Michelin recommended restaurant without a star is always a treat. You're pretty much guaranteed a really good meal but without the crazy expense of a star. It's a win win for sure. Those dessert look amazing.

Agree. I didnt see many of these in my travels. But hey...I dont travel as much as you do, for example. So for me it was a nice experience and the desserts were truly delicious. And yes, the prices are resonable.

Btw, its been a while since I wanted to write a comment on your Halstatt post Lol. Can you believe it I was in the same place as you one week before I saw your posts? I mean Vienna and Hallstatt.

I was both in Wien and then Hallstatt. It was a 3 day trip, somewhere in 20-22 sept or so. 😆😁

That's funny. We were there in August of 2022 so if you were there in September 2022 then that is around the same time. Small world 🌎

Ohhh man! I've got the impression you visited here this year. I dont know why it stucked with me the year of 2023 but I went back on your post and saw it: loud and clear: 2022.
Silly me! My bad! 😆
No, I was this year in September.

I think it stucked with me because you posted around the time I came back and this messed me up.
Sometimes I say about myself that I'm going to develop Altzeimer. I forget stuff. A lot! 🫣

I can understand the confusion since I'm posting now about a trip that happened such a long time ago. That would be confusing for anyone. I assume that most people think that I'm still doing all of that traveling.

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those dessers looks so yummy, i have never ever tasted such type of dessert....

Well, creme brullee is an easy recipe to be tried at home, maybe you can try it too. Actually, I'm planning to do some next week. 😁

yea... Actually i have never heard about creme brullee before, will try to make once your recipe out ... 😜

Hopefullytl to post about it. Didnt think of it, but I could do it. Yes..

wow... waiting for...

Those desserts break my heart! No doubt the restaurant is recommended by Michelin :D

To be honest, they were super tasty. I can't say they had something too special, but they were exactly how they needed to be: delicious. At least for our taste and expectations, I think it was just perfect.

Ohhhh dear Lord the plating is fantastic!!

It was delicious enough for my taste!

@missdeli - I'll be travelling to Krakow with my daughter on Saturday for a few days and really appreciate seeing this post. We will definitely try to go to this restaurant. Any other recommendations?

I'm sorry for my late reply!
Sorry I dont have any other recommendations,because we only stayed for one day.
About eating, we ate at Christmas Market.

My daughter and I leave for Krakow on Saturday - can't wait

Have a lovely time together! 💓

Thank you - I'll blog about our experiences ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️