Acai Bowl: My favourite Brazilian post-workout

Heeeyho Readers! Let's talk about a different post-workout!

Woooooho, summer is here!

...and with summer comes the delicious smoothness of Brazilian açai to help cool down after cycling. Açai is popular during all seasons in Brazil, though, especially in the south (where I live), low-enough temperatures discourage a bowl of ice-cream-like açai.

My strategy to cope with the hellish 35°C temperature is to train late in the evening followed by an amazing cool down with a bowl of açai added with various goodies. Here's today's mix.


Açai bowl

Açai is natural in northern Brazil; in the south we can only get commercial brands. Note that it should be creamy and soft, as opposed to the rock solid shown above... I'm impatient and couldn't wait any longer to defrost {sigh}.

Selected toppings

  • Sliced bananas
  • Whey protein
  • Granola
  • Little bit of condensed milk (sugar is not ideal, but tastes awesome)

Other toppings (options)

  • Paçoca (look it up, but it's made of peanut)
  • Strawberries
  • Nuts and seeds


Added whey protein

Whey protein is a great option to add that super sexy macro to the mix, especially as a post-workout recovery meal.

Did you know that açai is considered a super-food? It's rich in antioxidants, leading to the prevention of a number of diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

It's not particularly high in calories as, for example, in bread (proportion is 70kcal/100g against 200kcal/100g of bread). Because I need those extra carbs after cycling, the best option is to add bananas to the mix — that's some 150 extra calories.


Added bananas

Beyond antioxidants, açai is rich in good fat, helping our cholesterol levels; fibers to help with digestion; and various minerals like chromium, zinc, iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.


Adding condensed milk

Condensed milk is absolutely sugary and high in calories. Put it that way: it's not healthy!

Buuuuut... Brazilians love it and it doesn't affect me much as a non-professional athlete. Some people like to add chocolate or hazelnut toppings, though that's not ideal for someone on a diet.

I couldn't find any serious side effects of eating açai. The most common is diarrhea, cramping and headache: Because acai berries contain a considerable amount of fiber, those who are not used to a high fiber diet may visit the bathroom more often. {laughs}.

Is there açai in your country? Açai is popular in Brazil and other tropical countries, but I'm curious to know which countries have this amazing super-fruit.



I hope you've enjoyed this post and, as always, don't forget to exercise! Bon appetite.


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hahhahaha achei que era leite ninho, mas quando li vi que era whey protein... adoro açaí tb!

Boooom demais! Leite ninho rola tbm
com paçoca fica altamente bom tbm, mas nunca vi paçoca na gringa

hehhehe entendi! é um açaí gringo friendly! legal! bom, a minha forma favorita de comer açaí é com paçoca e kiwi! Acho a combinação perfeita! Adaptando pros gringos acho que seria algo tipo pasta de amendoim.

Paçoca e kiwi? nunca tentei. Acabei de comer wiki no café da manha com granola e outras coisas. Vou testar por no açai depois.

recomendo! depois me conta se gostou! vou ler seu livro... depois te conto tb!

vou ler seu livro

Pode crer, preciso de uma gráfica para imprimir em português

Açaí is the best!!! I like blending it with the bananas or strawberries, or both. Then add only granola on top. Condensed milk is new for me.... maybe a little too sweet....

It is a hella sweet! And caloric \o\

Haven´t heard of acai before but what you made out of it looks fantastic and delicious! Looks like another "bombonado" recipe or what you call these :D

@tipu curate

This one is liiiiiiiight compared to the bombonado! btw I gotta make something to beat that one in terms of caloris. Ideas?

(sry for taking so long to respond.. my pc is dying and taking sooooo long to boot and restarting that it makes me mad)

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