Cook with Patsitivity #7: Roasted whole chicken like never before

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Almost two (2) years ago, I gave in to the itch of buying a range for our house in Carcar. 2020 was the year I finally decided I'd be giving baking a try and lo and behold, I started loving it and up until today, it's one of the hobbies that keep my sanity as high as it should be. When you work in a demanding job, you'll probably need a day or two to do the things you love and for me, that's baking and cooking. In fact, I'm very excited to go home later because I have the entire weekend to bake and cook all new recipes!

Earlier in July, I saw @eatslance posted his version of roasted whole chicken which his whole family enjoyed eating. Roasting a whole chicken in my oven had never crossed my mind before since a few meters away from our house, there are about five (5) chicken stalls selling roasted whole chicken for as low as Php 150.00 ($3). On weekends, we end up buying one or two for lunch or dinner in one of those stalls. It's convenient and cheap. Besides, I've always cooked something that couldn't be found in my hometown to offer variety to my parents such as Pad Thai, Batchoy and Seafood Boil in Cajun Sauce. But that day, I felt like giving it a try and so I did!

I'll be sharing another simple roasted whole chicken recipe that you could try at home. Are you excited? 😁

What will you need for this recipe?

Any chicken dish especially roasted chicken is my 9-year-old nephew's favorite viand. So it's a bit challenging to cook one at home where the kids will also eat because as you may have heard "Kids don't lie" I wanted to hear a resounded "This is the best chicken I've eaten, Tita Pat!"
Let's see if Joaquin indeed said those when he tried this dish.

On that note, I went to my usual routine of searching for recipes on Youtube but all I came across were pretty simple for me. High standards! Lol! That's when I decided that instead of looking for a recipe, why don't I come up with my own?

To start you'll need the basics:

  • Magnolia Whole chicken, about one and a half kgs
  • Onion, one whole, cut into strips
  • Garlic, one whole bulb, peeled
  • Oyster sauce, 60g
  • lemongrass
Oyster Sauce

Cajun Seasoning

In my recent Seafood Boil Recipe, I expressed my bias towards cajun seasoning. It won my heart over the plain garlic butter which used to be my favorite.

  • 2 tbsp. paprika
  • 2 tbsp. garlic powder
  • 2 tbsp. dried oregano
  • 1 tbsp. kosher salt or rock salt
  • 1 tbsp. onion powder
  • 2 tsp. freshly ground black pepper
  • 2 tsp. cayenne

I got this recipe for Cajun Seasoning here.

You may use the full cajun recipe but in my case, I had to consider that kids will be eating my creation. I adjusted the paprika and cayenne to make it less spicy and bearable for kids to eat.


Easy as 1, 2, 3

  • Mix all the spices needed for the cajun seasoning and set aside. Stuff the onion, garlic, and lemongrass inside the whole chicken. Add half of the cajun seasoning and half of the oyster sauce inside the chicken as well. Make sure you spread the season evenly inside the chicken.


  • Use the remaining cajun seasoning and oyster sauce in the chicken's outer layer, making sure all parts are generously covered with the seasoning.

Optional: You may also add vegetables of your choice and season them with thyme, salt and olive oil. Put them on the chicken side, ready for baking!

  • Now, you are ready for baking! There's a famous technique for baking cheesecake called water bath. I used the same technique in this recipe. What you need to do is cover the baking pan containing the chicken and vegetables with foil. Look for another baking pan big enough for the first pan to be inserted inside. Put water on the big pan and put it inside the preheated oven.

In total, I baked the whole chicken for two hours of which the first hour I used a water bath to make sure the chicken remains juicy, not dry. I removed the water bath after and bake it again for another hour. And it worked, the chicken was juicy and oozing with flavors.

How things ended up?

Well, I heard a resounding "This is the best chicken ever!" from my 9-year-old nephew who ate more than a quarter of the entire roasted chicken. It turned out spicier than what 9-year-olds could take but he loved it spicy this time. Well, that only proves that he loves the chicken so much. He couldn't even stop talking about it the entire weekend and kept asking when will I cook it again. 🤣

Here a few snaps of the roasted chicken before it was devoured by everyone in the family for lunch.









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So excited to find your blog! I have been trying to teach my self to cook these things at home but the recipes I find are way tradition. Mostly the lemongrass paste. I cant wait to start cooking through your blog. The roasted chicken you made looks so delicious. Thank you so much!!

Hi @mich.brmey! Glad to hear this. Let me know how it goes. :)

looks very delicious, my mom used to steam the whole chicken for us to eat when I am very small😍😊

Hi @celeste413, I haven't tried steaming a whole chicken. That sounds very healthy.

yeah have a try put some ingredients into the chicken, that will make it more tasty😊

Looks delicious 😋😋😋😋

It was delicious @chanmaly! 😁

I really want to learn how to cook dishes like this. I'm way too scared to waste food that's why I limit myself to cook. 🤣

I'll save this recipe for future use. 😊

You'll never know how things will end up until you try! I hope you find the courage to try one day. 😁

I love to eat roast chicken. And you have brought us an amazing recipe of that favorite dish. Every phase was very enjoyable and I really like your recipes. Thank you so much for working so hard to bring us such a wonderful recipe

It's my pleasure @hivekiller. More recipes soon, stay tuned! 😊

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i always wonder pat ba if baking takes a lot of gas... hehe or are you using an electric oven instead?

ako ni itry! it looks good.. same ba ang taste sa kenny rogers?

Ohh, dili ko maka ingon if kalas or not, I bake on weekends raman gud @junebride. Then naa mi dirty kitchen where most of the cooking happens. Ako ra tig use sa among range kay anad man sila Mama nga mag-kahoy ra gyud. Among isa ka tank sa Gasul kay mo last mga 3 months hahaha 🤣

Oh wow.. amoa 1 month ra hahaha or less... Samotan guro ug nag sige ko bake ug banana loaves

Mas lami tan awn imong Roasted Chicken Miss @patsitivity . The best dyod ang tangad! hahaha