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Hello friends, foodies lovers wherever you are, may God always bless us all!

In this post I want to explain about my activities when visiting Takengon. I went to one of the cafes on the edge of the lake, this cafe is very aesthetic and instagrammable.


I am interested in relaxing at this cafe, because it is right on the beach, the breeze that afternoon feels so very cool. Located in the corner of the cafe that has been built with pillars above the lake, right in front of me is the view of the lake and mountains.

The rays of light from the lake water that looks so clear, the cool air is increasingly felt when the gentle breeze blows directly from the lake area. At this cafe, I am interested in enjoying some of the menus available at this cafe.


Not long after I sat down, a waiter came with a menu book, friendly service made us feel more comfortable. I ordered the drink and food menu, it is very suitable to be enjoyed by the beautiful lake.

The menu that I ordered is:

  • 1 Mango Squash
  • 1 Red Velvet Drink
  • 1 Portion of Dim Sum
  • 1 Portion of Chocolate Donuts
  • 1 Portion of French Fries

These drinks and food are very suitable to be enjoyed in a natural cool atmosphere plus while enjoying the natural scenery of the lake. I sat in one of the huts made of wood with an elegant brown color blend.

Mango Squash


Mango squash offers a sensation with a fresh mango taste, a mixture of sweet and sour flavors that are felt by the lips. Drinks with the freshness of mango fruit flavor combined with a mixture of soda.

A mixture of oconut jelly and basil seeds adds a blend of sweet and coconot flavors which are chewy when chewed. This drink gives a refreshing sweet fragrance, a drink that can quench thirst.

Red Velvet Drink


This red velvet powder drink tastes sweet served in warm conditions. The sensation that gives warmth is integrated with the cold air in the lake area.

This is a red velvet latte, a mixture of milk that adds a sweet and bitter taste. Lattte art adorning the glass adds to the beauty which is so aesthetic and looks very dear to drink.


Dimsum has a delicious distinctive taste, soft texture and is served warm after being steamed. It has a spring roll with a savory taste and is made from processed flour and chicken.

Dimsum when it's warm or hot, of course it's more delicious to eat and rich in protein. What's more, a sauce has been provided for dipping and adding a sweet and spicy taste.

Chocolate Donuts

There are 4 donuts in one portion, flat donuts made of flour mixed with chocolate. The filling inside is melted chocolate.

Fried flour filled with melted chocolate with a savory and bitter sweet taste. Eating chocolate feels more delicious and savory in the cool air.

French fries


Fried potatoes that were still warm were just served before us, feeling crunchy and crunchy after going through the frying process. Chili sauce is mixed for dipping which adds a spicy taste sensation.

The frying pan is done, but because of the little flour mixture, it's not so crunchy. I prefer to enjoy fries with a crunchier flour mix.

Being here gives a very cool sensation and a natural feel. In these cool conditions it is perfect for enjoying warm drinks and food to warm up our bodies.


Natural scenery gives such a beautiful sensation and desire that makes me feel comfortable in this cafe. Here I can see a number of fish farming houses in the lake.


To be able to enjoy the menu above, I have to pay for all menus at a price of around IDR 100K. This cafe is in the Mandale Bay area, or right on Sp, Jl. Takengon - Bintang Origon, Mendale, Kec. Kebayakan, Central Aceh District. They are open every day from 10.00-22.00 GMT+7.

I am very happy to be able to share this article with you, I hope you like my weekend story. I appreciate your support and empathy for my posts ♥️

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