Good luck conning someone! 😁 I'm always the one being conned, haha!

My son's going a bit stir-crazy. It was surprising, really. I told him he had an extra two weeks of holidays and instead of being all, "Woo! More time to play games!" he was just, "Ugggghhhhh." Guess he really wanted to go back to school! 🤣

LoL! Aww XD Does he normally enjoy school? MIssing friends if you've been stuck inside? Over the panpanic like everyone else? XD

Haha!! Panpanic! xD Yes, that's pretty much it.

He's very slow when it comes to making friends, and he only just started at this school last year and it took him most of the year to make the friends that he has, and then, WHAM! 6 weeks (now 8) weeks of holidays. And he was a silly sausage and didn't get a single person's information. So has been stuck with me 🤣 ALL holidays.

I stole "panpanic" off tarazkp XD

Sounds like eldest's problem with his gym friends, didn't get their phone numbers and now can't do gymnastics because we're not allowed to do anything unless we just shut up and do as we're told.