My First time going to a café using my own hard-earned money! | A catch-up date with my girlfriends

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First times are the most memorable memories we could ever have. Only a few can remember the seconds, it will always be the firsts, won't it?

Who’s your first pet? Your first crush? Your first love? Your first friend? Your first teacher? What’s the first place you traveled to? Your first school?

With that, I made sure that this event will forever be engraved on my memories.

So, why did I went to a café?

I’ve never been a luxurious person throughout my years of existence. In a single transaction, I always feel guilty whenever I spend my parent’s money, especially my dad’s. So when I started freelancing, I said to myself, “I’m going to a café!” And yes! At 19, I got my own coffee and dessert with my own hard-earned money! And to surprise you even more,

the time that I went into this café was the day I finally decided that I’d start blogging! And a celebration for passing the qualifying exam! Hitting three memorable core memories at the same time!

Don’t get me wrong. Since then, I’ve been earning from tutoring Math-related subjects, but I allot my savings to school-related supplies. And this time, I promised myself that I was going to treat myself! Sooo, here we go!

The 1957 Coffe Bar

While browsing through Facebook, I saw the 1957 Coffee Bar! A familiar cafe as I had tasted their coffee before at a Food Park (an open park full of pop-up restaurants), and it was amazing! And this time, they opened their official physical store!


I immediately chatted with my friends who had been in enormous distress these years. I wanted them to feel that they were not alone at that time. This pandemic really changed me. I’ve become empathetic, not just sympathetic.

I deeply understand that our joys and inspirations are now hanging by a thread. And I want to put a soft cushion on our situation. So when everything breaks down, sh*t happens, and that thread collapses, a soft cushion will catch us together. Gladly, they agreed to my invitation!

I also bring my little sister with me to take my pictures, hehe. She approached me saying she wants to take a break from our noisy neighborhood by doing some note-taking for her Chemistry subject.


Shot! shot! shot!

As I’ve decided to blog, I’d instill in my mind that I have to take pictures, but I was worried. Due to my acne breakouts, for almost 2 years, I’ve never been the same with cameras! I became angry when being captured without permission. But thanks to Hive! I’m slowly reclaiming myself!

As we were walking, we saw a good spot to take photos. Here it is, hehe.

Cafe photoshoot.png

Small but terrible!

Upon stepping my foot inside, I closed my eyes and the aromatic smell embraced my existence. But, as I opened my eyes, I was shocked at how small the café was!

Inside, the café has only five (5) tables with cute little chairs. A total of five (5) persons can fit in one table, making the whole café’s internal capacity at 25 persons at most.

But, if you are fond of hearing noises from the streets, observing how people interact with each other, and when you like the air touching your skin, you can definitely dine in (or dine out? JK) at the balcony area!



Pictures above are from their official Facebook page. Check them out here and here
Below are from my li'l sister. She's a former campus photojournalist, taking photos is innate to her 💕



It looks fantastic! I really love the lighting and interior design! If someone knows what theme this interior design is, please let me know!



Anyways, at the back of my mind, I am already planning that I will be reviewing my academic subjects here, haha. I would like to be in that corner while reviewing my notes and doing my job! I still love being alone, but now, I appreciate being surrounded by my friends!

And also, beyond their small space is a menu worth trying for!

The drinks

The menu was too complex for me, hehe. Although I’ve been to Starbucks before, I just let my aunt and friends ordered for me because I have little to no knowledge about these fancy things. So, I just ordered what my friend ordered: their Cream Cold Brew Hazelnut with a price of Php 95.00 ($ 1.87). My sister, on the other hand, ordered an Americano Php 69.00 ($ 1.36).


A shot of Americano drink by my sister.

But for my next time, I am eyeing this Cream Cold Foam! Looks yum! I wonder what it tastes like?

cream cold foam.jpg

Picture from The 1975 Coffee Bar Official Facebook Page

See their full menu here and here!

Untitled design (1).png

I am really sorry that I forgot to take pictures of the foods. I forgot that I’d be including this for my blog, so I ask my sister and friends to send me the pictures they took as references. I’ll do better next time!

By the time I realized I forgot to take pictures, our table was already messy. 😅

Moving forward, I did not really like the taste of their Cream Cold Brew Hazelnut. Or maybe just I didn’t know the real taste of it? So, I plan to give a 2nd visit to this café when my budget allows me to. I wanna taste everything, lmao.

The sweets

For desserts, they only have limited options; muffins (carrot and banana flavors) and cheesecakes (strawberry, mango, and blueberry). However, when we visited their place, they also offer a Tiramisu. I wonder why it was not there upon our visit?

I bought two banana muffins for my sister and me for Php 29.00 ($0.57) each. I really, really love the taste of their banana muffin, especially the icing on top!


Photos are again from my sister. I jokingly said she must be in Hive coz she likes writing and taking pictures, haha. I'm gonna convince her.

We also ordered a blueberry cheesecake for Php 139.00 ($2.74) as a takeout for my mom and my brother. My whole fam loved it! So, I was planning to repurchase it once I stepped foot on the café again!

Buying these simple little things for them made me so happy. This inspires me to work harder to eventually buy a house, land, appliances, and avail insurances! Oh! What a life it is!


This is now my captured photo T^T I'm so sorry for the blurriness. Will surely do better on photography for the next blogs.

Catching up with the girls

Undeniably, we've been in so many emotions these past few years. I really appreciate them making time to celebrate with us and help our friend heal from a recent break-up. We met at the cafe at 4 PM, but, would you believe that they have their meetings at 6 PM? Despite their prior commitments, they willingly stayed until our friend is okay emotionally! (And just attend their virtual meetings simultaneously, hehe.) Catching up with them made me realize, I really need my social circle near me.

Although we do not talk/chat with each other every day, once we are all in one room, you'll never feel that it has been so long.

We have been friends since Grade 7, coz we're all from a Science Section (Star Section). They are my mom's child, too! Haha. We end our JHS and SHS together (although we part schools during SHS), and hopefully will travel the whole world together!



This is it for now. Will make my next blogs shorter. What do you think about it? Let me know! As always, have a great day, everyone!💕

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Spending money on the things that you want feels awesome, but using your own money is something that's completely different. It gives us a different sense of gratification and thankfulness for what we've achieved. It's great to see you spending your hard-earned money on things that you like, and spending it with the people you enjoy hanging out with. Wishing you all the best!!

A hundred percent agree! Earning for yourself brings a feeling of gratification. But, you have to spend it wisely and invest in the things that will make you feel good (but, should be lawful, haha.) And of course, reserve others for savings. Thank you so much for dropping by! Wishing you all the best din!

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Yey! Thank you so much!💕

Wonderful coffee shop @sellennee ☺️

It really is.💕 Would like to target a bigger coffeeshop for my 2nd cafe blog 😍 Thank you as always @itsmiessyonpeakd 💗

The thrill of spending one's hard-earned pesos for the very first time~~ nothing quite like it. One of the best feelings. Savour it.😚😘
And may I add that it is so, so rewarding~!

Yes! 😍 It's so rewarding! 💕 Since I started earning a larger amount of money than tutoring, I became kuripot 🤣

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Oh wow! Will surely check it out! Thank you so much! 💕

Nothing feels better than being independent. Congrats and keep up the good work. :)

Right! Would like to see myself years from now acquiring independence especially in money, lol!

I'm so sorry I replied late, hehe. Been waiting for my RC to go up before engaging with everyone. Thank you so much for reading here! 💕