Starters And Side For Lunch

Again at work

Been working for this company for too long and specially as a vegetarian my options for main meal as already cut to a smaller number. Because of that a lot of times I feel that I am tired of having the same food over and over again.

That's why sometimes I decide to go wild and just order a bunch of side and starters to have as a main meal.

Also I feel that when it comes to my food photos the ones I take from the top are the ones You love the most.

Since Instagram came out with the Reels I have been having some fun trying to make some fun videos. Still working on my transitions but I am getting there.

What did I had?

So You can see I decided to have a garlic bread with cheese and balsamic onions, some deep fried cheese sticks with salad and garlic and cheese chips.

Many would say it is not the most healthy meal... and I would agree. But it was delicious, filled me up and gave me energy for the second part of the shift.

More to come

Have a couple more posts to come in this next couple of days. So keep Your eyes open.


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