My name is shah reza my house is in haji fathe khan road my father works in property and i am doing dental work for about three years I am very fond of football I play forward in football now and PSLB has just started We see a lot of enthusiasm We all enjoy watching PSL all friends

We go to the other side, we go together, whether it's happy or sad, we all celebrate together,Will not leave togetherOur friend is one of ours. There is also a friend who makes a little joke with him and then cries again. He has a very small heart.


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Please promotion my page

Welcome to Hive, have a great time here.

Wow a new legend in this community 👍
Best of luck Shah reza. Start your journey with full of your potential ✨

My grandson has just become a football crazy fan and spends all weekends at the field. It's really great to do a sport. Congratulations and good luck going forward.