Moscow Mule contest

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Moscow Mule contest

I’m not such a cocktail drinker, I like some mojito or a home made margarita but there it ends more or less (or al kinds of caipirinhas in Brasil back in the time). People who know me or follow me here on Hive know that I’m more a wine and beer lover.

Anyway a few months ago I discovered this drink, named Moscow Mule. Last week at the lunch one of my colleagues asked for one and I took the opportunity to drink one too, to photograph it – after a few sips - and to ask you guys questions about it. All first answers will get a tip token from me. (1 participation per person please)

1)I wonder if it’s well known and served in other continents apart from Europe as well (1 answer per continent)
2)It’s served in a strange cup, if you had it in other glasses or cups, please answer with a picture of it. (first one gets a Beer or Wine token, tell me your choice)
3)What gives the Moscow Mule its particular taste (you don’t find this ingredient in many other cocktails)?

Cheers and have fun with this little contest 
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The cup is hallf away already when you took the picture? !LUV !LOLZ

Be there or be square!
If you're not there, then I assume you're not a round.

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Yes, true, I didn't htink about making a picture and positing initially !LUV !LOLZ !CTP

Why did the banker quit his job?
He lost interest.

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@mimtan, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @svanbo

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