The market defraging of the artifical social wealth extraction constructs of the platonicians is something great...

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so theu create fake roles for themselves and their apprentices. worthless females, drain to wealth like shitfly, breed there, the expansion of their social wealth extraction scheme, grow.

you follow me?

so they fleece peons (tax, braindead, etc) to grow their own wealth and families.

all seem good isn't it for the platonicians?


you don't understand?

so they know that, so what they do?

pump more fiat.

so they can increase their artificiality...

remember what lurks behind artificiality?


what do you think ulitmately market revert to?


sorry, it's not a question of price, there isn't wild russian berries to sell.

go away..


another image maybe to help the lowest iq among us here to understand...

imagine a pyramid? okay, so they are removing small piece of lower block to create a super heavy block on top (aka compact more matter in the space above, aka super yachts, jets, maxmansions etc), how do you think the base of the pyramid will handle?

that's what we are gonna see... but contrary to all the previous one, don't forget quantic trading is going main stream... as we speak... what you use lazers with sattelites or find faster radiobeam better? never heard of data teleportation? you will see... it's gonna be fun.