A Brief Recap Of 2023 - Part One

Jess at Clumber Park

2023 has quite possibly been the quietest year for shoots in a long time. I even managed to get more shoots in between lockdowns during Covid. But, in spite of this I have still managed to get to work with some of my favourite models. And get some different shoot styles in. This first shot is Jess I have worked with her for around seven or eight years. And we always end up getting (in my opinion) some half decent images. This shoot almost never happened. We were shooting in Clumber Park and ended up in different car parks. This normally wouldn't be an issue, but Clumber Park must be one of the only places in the UK with absolutely zero phone signal - no phone reception, no Wifi, just no signal whatsoever. After an hour of moving around I finally managed to get a signal (and as luck would have it, so did Jess) and we were able locate each other and go ahead with the shoot.

Rachel at Clumber Park

This is Rachel, Jess's older sister. Rachel used to model (in fact, if I remember correctly, it was Rachel that inspired and encouraged Jess to try modelling). She is as lovely as Jess and thankfully I managed to get in a couple of shots with her whilst Jess was changing. Rachel has pretty much quit modelling but both Jess and I have tried to encourage her to get back into it, I would love to do another "proper" shoot with her - I shot with her and Jess a few years back on a cold, cold night in Lincoln, which they both smashed in spite of the cold, but this quick photo grab was a nice bonus.

Lauren home shoot

I first met Lauren at Tankspace a couple of years back, and have worked with her so many times since. She has such a brilliant attitude, and literally has me crying with laughter at her antics and comments. She is a down home Yorkshire lass and will try anything for a shot. Our shoots are always so much fun, especially as her "don't give a F*** attitude means she ends up clambering up walls and over fences, getting herself covered in dirt, getting wet, in fact anything for the shot. This is one of a series of shots which were taken at her home just outside Barnsley. And is just round the corner from a butchers that sells the best pork pies on the planet. Believe me, they are a culinary treat.

Cazza at Room 3 Studio

Cazza is a model I haven't worked with on a solo shoot (yet), it has always been on group shoots, but she is one of the nicest people I have met in the industry. And, my God, look at those eyes!! She is so easy to work with, and that twinkle in her eye. She is also one of the few models that checks in with photographers - as a friend - just because she is super nice. Cazza is such a good model, she seems to work the camera really well. Her poses are spot on and, she is so easy to work with that shoots with her just whizz by.


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I can mostly be found shooting models, aviation, motorsports and, when I can, wildlife. But I enjoy most aspects of photography. You can find more of my work on the links below.


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I wouldn't call these half decent shots Brian! These are much more than that. I've always loved your work. These are excellent shots, if you're wondering :)

@erikah you are way too kind, thank you so much

Brian, this is not the right Photography Lovers community.

@erikah have I posted in the wrong one? Is there two? Or is the work not appropriate. Apologies

This community has the same name as the one you used to post in (https://peakd.com/c/hive-194913), but it's new and are run by different people. You're free to post in which one you like, but I hope you come back to our community 🙂. Check the two community out and you'll see what I mean.

Many thanks @erikah your community has ALWAYS been very supportive and the community is very vibrant, so I will make sure I post in the one I have always used. Thanks for the heads up

I'm really glad to hear that Brian and you're welcome! See you in the right community :)