Lauren Again

Elegant Lauren

A last minute decision on Sunday morning to go to a group shoot I had been invited to. I'm glad I went, a good chance to meet up with friends (always good) and to work with a couple of fabulous models I really enjoy shooting.

Just fiddling about

This first batch are of Lauren. Lauren does a lot of lingerie/art nude work, so it made a nice change to have a shoot with her fully clothed. We were shooting in the corridor of the building that houses my friend's studio, and saw this funky purple violin, and thought it would make an excellent prop.

World of swirl

I've known Lauren for a couple of years and she just seems to up her game with every shoot. She just seems to get better and better. And so easy to work with. I often end up crying with laughter at her antics.

Play me a tune

We didn't shoot for long - that's the way of group shoots - and we kind of "winged" it. Often you can plan a shoot to the very last detail and it doesn't work out and those "off the cuff" ones work out nicely. I think this one did. But would welcome your opinions.


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I can mostly be found shooting models, aviation, motorsports and, when I can, wildlife. But I enjoy most aspects of photography. You can find more of my work on the links below.


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Works for me cocker

@richgaynor cheers pal


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