Die Fledermaus fiel mir erst beim zweiten Hinsehen auf - tolles Bild!


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Support the HiveBuzz project. Vote for our proposal!

Support the HiveBuzz project. Vote for our proposal!

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We distribute as many upvotes as possible to as many people as possible.
And yes, we have already upvoted several of his posts.

To be honest I think you lost connection to new non crypto people:
they simply have no idea what a proposal is. They even struggle to get the meaning of and the differences between HIVE, HIVE power and HBD, as well as the different keys.
What they need is real interaction (real, human written comments related to their posts(!) instead of many automated messages) in their posts and hopefully some financial support to stay motivated.

Most people I bring here (yes, I still do that, even if I don't like the centralisation of HIVE power in the hands of a few - most of the time early miners and former bidbot owners) stop posting sooner or later because they simply don't get connected to the community due to the complexity of the system and the ignorance of the established users who prefer to chill under the posts of some few HIVE 'celebrities' instead to check the posts of new users.

You asked us a question and we answered it.
Sorry to say but we do not see the connection between these two elements and the diatribe that you express in your last comment.

The connection is that you asked a new user for support, while you even didn't engage with his post.
Who needs the support here more?
I don't think new users feel especially encouraged if the first thing they get to read are automated messages.
The lack of support of new users is a core problem of HIVE, just check the current rentention rate.

Call what I wrote "diatribe". I call it "reality".

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Dear @dietertd, we need your help!

The Hivebuzz proposal already got important support from the community. However, it lost its funding a few days ago when the HBD stabilizer proposal rose above it.

May we ask you to support it so our team can continue its work?
You can do it on Peakd, Ecency, /
or using HiveSigner.

All votes are helpful and yours will be much appreciated.
Thank you!