#ChristmasInHK2022: Hearty Christmas at Festival Walk

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Last Tuesday, we went ice skating with my boss's daughter, and she taught me how to ice skate. That was a funny and enjoyable experience. I'll share about it one of these days.

The place was cleaned for ice resurfacing at lunchtime, so we opted to visit a Christmas installation at the event space after eating lunch. While waiting for the ice skating place to open to the public, we enjoyed taking photos of the Christmas installations.

This year, the Festival Walk theme is hearty Christmas which you can tell from the photos above. The giant Christmas tree has heart-shaped designs even on other installations around it.

This hearty Christmas only reminds us that this season is not only about giving gifts, but also about giving love. It's also a time for peace and reconciliation. Isn't it wonderful to end the year without any hatred, misunderstandings, and heavy feelings in our hearts afnd minds? Let's just spread love, not hate 😊.

This is also what I like here in HK, different places turned into wonderlands with different grand Christmas installations. One of them is the Santa Village in IFC Mall inspired by the real Santa village in Artic Circle Finland. You can click the link to read my blog about it.

By tomorrow, the 16th of December, the real countdown to Christmas will begin. It's also the start of Misa de Gallo or night mass in the Philippines which is a Christmas tradition that will continue until the last mass at 24th midnight to welcome Christmas. Tomorrow is also my brother's birthday 😊. For sure, kids are also excited about Christmas caroling that will start tomorrow night and are now preparing for songs to sing, and instruments to use.

These are just some of the things I missed in the Philippines Christmas that I can't find here abroad.

Advance Merry Christmas Hiveans!



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Advance Merry Christmas Hiveans!

Advance Merry Christmas to you also .

Here in our country Christmas is not a popular festival and we can feel the Christmas vibes when we go to the shopping mall only .
After watching those picture which you shared I feel interested to visit that place to enjoy the moment.

Thank you for sharing the moments.

You visit Philippines..the presence will start in September haha

For current time it's not possible for me but someday I will make it😀.

oh my goodness! I could smell that Christmas from afar, oops! it's near already, just few days remaining.. Everywhere us dazzling with beautiful installation because of Christmas, these are too beautiful to behold, I wish I was there to see and feel this myself. I love it.

merry christmas in advance, may the joy of Christmas remain always with you. 🙏

Thank you.. Merry Christmas to you too 🥰 !LADY

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That is an impressive public Christmas tree though. I totally loved the design and the colors blended well with each other. The big boxes caught my interest the most, what if someone drop a big box like that in front of my house? I guess that'll be a spectacular sight. !PIZZA

Haha..that would be a big surprise. Especially if full of gifts hehe


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new year's time shopping malls It's so good

Wahhhh, Super Merry Christmas! That's surely a fun experience madam. Sana ma experience ko yan bago manlang manakit tuhod ko. Haha

Haha . may ice skating place ba jan sa pinas?

Great photos Jane! That gets you in the Christmas spirit!

Wow! Ang ganda naman diyan. Anlalaki ng mga dekorasyon. Christmas na Christmas na talaga.

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Yes, you are right, I totally agree with you, mistakes are always there, young and old alike. We must be forgiving and loving one another, that is great In our lives .have a great.

Oh ice skating! I’m jealous 😅 I bought some ice skates in Poland and I wanna go skating too 😁

Why not ..there is real glacier there hehe

We have open air ice rink here, but no friends wanna join so far 🙈

Merry Christmas to you in advance, Jane. And I hope you will soon be able to enjoy Christmas things in the Philippines again 🤗

Beautiful Christmas ornaments which certainly brought the yuletide season vibes. I love the golden and reds on the decorations. The place sparkle with them :)