Fine Art Printing Workflow - Part 1

The past few days I was preparing a set of Fine Art prints for a customer and I was glad that more than a year ago, while also going through this process, I recorded a set of videos describing exactly what to look out for and how to ensure a print of the highest possible quality.

Since I don't sell custom Fine Art prints that often I had gotten a bit rusty when it comes to print preparation and so I re-watched the videos to make sure I don't forget anything.

The sun lights up the coastline at Kynance Cove

Today I want to share the first of three videos about Fine Art Print Preparation with you. With the techniques shown in this and the follow-up videos you can ensure that your prints will look perfect.

It might get a bit technical here and there and you can certainly get good results for smaller photos without these techniques. But if you want the best possible result and a print that stops you in your tracks every time you walk past it, then this video and the follow-ups are for you.

So lets start with how I remove flaws from my master files and how I do the final cleanup.

In part two I'll show you how I do soft proofing and sharpening and in part three hard proofing and final checks. Stay tuned!