The hidden Waterfall

Ok, to be honest, this waterfall is not that hidden, if you know where to look. It's part of a beautiful crevice in the middle of Germany, of which I didn't know anything, until recently when I drove from the German Rhön to the Hainich forest in Thuringia.

During the drive there we went right past this green canyon and on the way back we made a stop to explore. It was perfect to go later in the afternoon. Because of the narrow path through the canyon it can get quite crowded during daytime.

When I reached this waterfall I couldn't believe my eyes. It was just too perfect and the light of the afternoon was beautifully lighting the mossy walls.

What do you think? Would you have expected this gem to be in Germany?


What do you think? Would you have expected this gem to be in Germany?

Yes! I go on vacation to Germany from time to time, because of the beautiful, big nature. It's such a big change from the flatness of the Netherlands. I've found many gems like this there and hope to find many more once we're able to travel again :-)

Beautiful image. Good choice to stop and explore!

I hope someday I can visit the Netherlands for Tulip season. You also have some beautiful landscapes although mostly flat ;-)

I guess the flatness is boring to me, because I got used to it ;-)
We recently moved to an area with lots of tulip fields all around us. It is a beautiful sight! Although sadly some people are rude enough to walk through the fields for the perfect picture. Ah well, humanity!

This looks awesome, i would not have thought that there are such waterfalls in Germany! reminds me more of New Zealand haha