Too much Photo Editing?

I recently recorded two Youtube videos in which I discuss the photo editing I do to my photos. I show you before and after comparisons and then in the second video go into the details of some of my more advanced post processing techniques.

In the first video I show you 10 of my photos in their RAW state and in the final, processed state. You can judge for yourself, if you think this is too much editing or not. I think especially today it's a fine line to walk when editing photos. I want to be transparent with what I do to my photos and I don't want to deceive the viewers. And even more importantly I don't want to deceive myself.

In the end I'm taking those photos first and foremost for myself and to really enjoy them I found that I need to put some limits in place for the editing. I want the photos to be true memories of what I experienced. This gives me quite some freedom during editing, but it also means I try to only work with what was there.

In the second video I show you an example of my editing in form of cloning and selective transformations I might do to a photo. The changes serve the purpose on enhancing the atmosphere I captured. You'll learn how to use frequency separation for advanced cloning and how you can use selective image transformations to change perspective.


Really interesting work. Thank you

Wow such a nice picture. incredible light situation.

That frequency separation tutorial was great!

Great photo and am going to watch the videos.

Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

for the first video, not too much for sure.

i was not expecting perspective change at the end, but it worked out great.

Thanks. Yea it can sometimes be a helpful tool to give the image just a bit more dynamic