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I would like to take this time to introduce you to the newest Health and Wellness Community on the HIVE network Health and Recovery Community.

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All posts in relation to health and wellness recovery and treatments for medical and substance abuse topics. Health and Recovery supports other like minded communities such as NaturalMedicine and Weedcash Network among others.

The Communities token is the HEART token

Token Name
Hearts Health and Recovery Token HEART

Supply (Circulating / Total / Max)
100 M / 100 M / 100 M


Website URL Temporary

A token to support the NEW Community Health and Recovery

Rules and whitepaper currently under development.
Looking for Curators
Project Managers
APP Developers

READ below for Whitpaper draft.


HEARTS-Health and Recovery Community on HIVE

Health and Recovery Community serves as an online community for Medical Treatments,Conditions,Diseases and more Including SUBSTANCE ABUSE and ADDICTIONS. Users are rewarded with crypto currencies like HEARTS and HIVE.


Health care is expensive and sometimes more often than not the patient or victim is not able to pay for treatment in the necessary time frame required to recieve as such.


Raise funds for charities and emergency recovery pools for individuals in desperate and dire need of quick or large amounts of funds for surgeries, procedures, treatments or programs related to health and wellness.

The goal is to help the community talk and discuss about controversial or not topics health and wellness related. Users and content creators are rewarded in crypto currencies such as HEARTS and HIVE as well as others for the content they submit. Content is on the HIVE Blockchain.

We currently need curators,managers,moderators,and developers. Would really like to see a partnership relationship with other Health and Wellness Communities already on the HIVE network. IF interested in any of those things come subscribe to the community and get in touch with @deuceman.

These are the Mods and Admins from 3 other Health and Wellness Communities and Tribes in the HIVE Network, would love to hear your guys's feed back.

Actifit,@mcfarhat and @actifit

NaturalMedicine @riverflows ADMIN
@alchemage ADMIN
@quochuy MOD Witness
@artemislives MOD
@porters MOD
@solcycler MOD
@vincentnijman MOD
@trucklife-family MOD

WeedCash Network @jonyoudyer ADMIN
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@coffeebuds ADMIN

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Definitely going to sign up for this community! I can’t be as active curating them but I will definitely lend a few votes for the posts that I see! I would like to get my hands on another token that I believe in. We are definitely in need of a lot more wellness groups that focus on the patient and their recoveries.

Hopefully there can be meaningful discussions in the group. There tends to be some hot topics in this realm and peoples tempers flare if there are disagreements. Hoping that we can respectfully disagree with things!

Awesome that's great yes I hope people can be respectful and open minded.

Can I just stand up and say YES - to more love and attention for people's healing journeys. I hope there are 50 communities on Hive soon, about all the different facets and styles, topics and issues, and that we feed and boost and support each other.

I look forward to contributing and supporting.

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