Share Your Favourite Corner Challenge – Anyone Can Join This Challenge

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A picture can tell a thousand words.

We can get to know one another better simply by a picture.

Share a picture of your favourite corner in your house and get a tip for doing so.

Everyone is allowed to participate in this challenge to win a tip.

Challenge Rules

  1. Make a post with a picture of your favourite corner in your house.
  2. Describe why it is your favourite corner or what you would usually do at your favourite corner.
  3. Each participant can only submit one entry to the challenge.
  4. Submit your post link as comment in this post.
  5. Qualifying entry will get a tip on your post. (The amount of tip will depend on the quality of your post)
  6. The challenge will end on 28 June 2020.

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No upvote is needed to participate in this challenge. Anyone can join this challenge.


Sharing... At first I thought you are referring to some outdoors corner.

OK, I will make a post and try it not to be boring.

@tipu curate

Thank you! It will be nice if you can join!

Hmm... nobody dropping in after a day. Anyway, here I am with my favorite corner (or battle station).

📷#MonthlyAuthorChallenge #06.26 My favorite corner | 我最爱角落 (by @ace108)

Thank you for your participating and you have been rewarded with a tip about 5 Hives for your entry.

You're welcome. Thanks for checking out and giving the tip.

I hope I made it in time lol!
My entry :

Thanks for the easy and fun initiative @fun2learn

Thanks for participating and sharing your wonderful corner! Given you a nice tip for your effort! 😁

It is still June 28, right? My best comes out when I work on the deadline - Literally. Here is my entry for the challenge.Give a read.

Thanks for sharing your favourite corner with us!

Very nice little contest. Unfortunately, I am a bit too late to enter. I have been out of the loop for a bit.