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I wonder how many of us heard about the MakerSpace before.

When I started Dolphin Assemble Community, it was simply to gather Dolphin(5132.24 HP ~ 51322.4 HP) together.

Dolphin Assemble Community gathers members with Hive Power of 5132.24 HP to 51322.4 HP to become a subscriber which is one of the rules to join.

We are certainly not going to become a voting circle and it is also one of the rules to observe.

We do not require our members to commit into any project but we are a space for them to explore Hive projects that they are interested to embark on or currently doing for the growth of the Hive platform.

We are like a Hive MakerSpace for Dolphins to try out good ideas that can help the Hive platform to grow positively.

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@livinguktaiwan mentioned about her plans of mentorship in her past comments. Dolphin Assemble can be a place for her to explore and try it regardless of success or failure.

She can gather other dolphins who may have the same thought and idea. Good ideas may often be buried if the space is not given for exploration.

@chekohler also mentioned about his idea of starting an active campaign like @yourtop3 and create a reward pool from posts to allow non-dolphins to participate. It is a good idea to engage the non-dolphins on the platform so he is free to explore and try out his idea too.

Success or failure of ideas is a learning process and we can refine our ideas to make it successful. By having a good Dolphin MakerSpace, Dolphins can really make a difference on Hive platform positively.

Official members are free to discuss their ideas in our discord as a brainstorming session.

There is no obligation for members of this community to commit to additional tasks for joining so every idea suggested would provide Dolphins the opportunity to participate in what they wanted to do but they did not find a chance to do it in the past. (Ideas that can help the platform to grow)

I guess this gives a clearer picture of how our community is heading to.

A place of freedom with no obligation and a place to explore ideas.

Feel free to give your comments about the Dolphin MakerSpace idea that I have mentioned.

We have 28 official members in the Dolphin Assemble so far.

Dolphin Banner.jpg

Currently, our current official members in this Dolphin Assemble Community are:

@adsup @whatsup @amico @bscrypto @denmarkguy
@ixindamix @marki99 @darrenfj @vlemon @chekohler
@nickyhavey @abitcoinskeptic @brittandjosie @crypto.piotr @culgin
@hivetrending @jrvacation @ervin-lemark @knowhow92 @russia-btc
@sgt-dan @kinakomochi @livinguktaiwan @steemflow @imisstheoldkanye
@priyanarc @shortsegments @joetunex

Subscribers of our community will need to be a Dolphin (5132.24 HP ~ 51322.4 HP) so if you are a dolphin, it will be great if you can join us.

You do not need to make a post but simply give your opinion as comment in this post.


Didn't know about the term "makerspace" until I watched the embedded video. Haha..

I guess in a way, the entire Hive platform is a makerspace for aspiring social media influencers.

We can look at makerspace in different perspective and we can probably solve and promote Hive platform positively. Your Defi Campus is definitely a part of makerspace.

Been giving myself different reasons to procrastinate for a long time, am getting there.... slowly

Take your time as there is really no rush. Dolphin Assemble is a place for you to try out your ideas when you are ready to do so. 😁

I didn't know about this term either. It seems like these days everything has to have a catchy name.

How do you call a person who is doing this MakerSpacing stuff? A MakerSpacer?

I won't be one, sorry. I already have too many unfinished projects :)

By the way, you have a typo in the first MaRkerSpace ;)

I think they are called maker. Generally a space given for creator/maker. Thanks for pointing out my typo error. 😵

It’s nice to have a place to bounce ideas off others and try new things.

You're welcome. Feel free to share ideas or projects you have in mind. 😁