October Horror Movie Challenge and Prize Giveaway | Watching 31 movies in 31 days

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Hello cinema lovers! I'm here to introduce my first ever October Horror Challenge. My goal is to watch 31 Horror movies in the 31 days of October. If you choose to join in on the fun I'll also be giving away a few prizes to participants (Don't worry, you won't have to watch 31 movies to participate). I'm new to the Hive community and figured this was an excellent way to engage with a community I've already fallen in love with. My goal is to get as many people engaging as possible so any and all nationalities are allowed to join in on the challenge and giveaways.


The Challenge:

Watch 31 Horror movies in 31 days and create a blog post discussing each one.

  • This is my personal challenge, watch as many or as little as you want. To participate for giveaways you must watch at least 2 eligible movies or TV show entries during the month of October.

The Rules:

  • Set a personal goal to watch X number of Horror movies during the month of October and try to reach that goal
  • To qualify for the giveaways you must watch at least 2 entries and create a blog post about each one. Don't just state the movie you watched. Talk a little about it. The goal here is to promote discussion.
  • Include the #HorrorChallenge tag in your posts
  • Please include links to your other entries in each new blog post
  • Any Horror themed Movie, TV Show, or short count. I'm not gonna be a dick about your entries, try to use your best judgement.
  • Feature Films count as one entry (75 minutes or longer per the screen actors guild classifications)
  • TV Shows and shorts count but for less entries. To make a full entry you should watch at least 75 minutes of Horror themed tv or shorts (example: three 30 minute episodes of TV count as 1 entry.) Try to compile 1 entries worth of content into each blog post
  • Everyone is eligible to join for giveaways if you watch 2 entries and discuss them. Even though I have a few physical prizes, I'm willing to ship them worldwide to the winners. I don't want anyone to feel excluded.
  • Winners will be chosen at random from eligible participants

The Prizes

PXL_20210928_022507490 (2).jpg

Physical Prizes

Physical prizes include a brand new Pet Sematary Blu-Ray and opened copy of Blood Rage Blu-Ray DVD combo from the excellent boutique label, Arrow. Both movies are region 1. Because this is crypto world and anonymity means a lot to some people, any physical prize can be exchanged for 25 PIZZA tokens instead of giving out your shipping info to receive a physical item.

In addition to the physical prizes I will also be giving away 10 PIZZA Tokens and a 4K digital copy of Halloween (2018). Code is bound to US but can be redeemed worldwide with a VPN.

Pizza Time! BONUS GIVEAWAY: Comment "Pizza" on this post. Two random winners receive 5 PIZZA Tokens. bonus giveaway ends October 1st. GOOD LUCK!

Thanks to everyone who chooses to participate!


Good challenge! I'll try to see some horror movies. Pizza.

Thanks so much @presidentx ! I hope you get a chance to join in on the fun!

Congratulation! You were randomly selected (out of the very small list of entrants lol) to win 5 PIZZA. You're PIZZA has already been sent to your wallet. Enjoy!

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Feeling the love!

Thanks for the slice of pizza friend!

Wow! This is great! Good luck. You just made the beautiful. To be honest, I won't be taking part, (Am already taking part in another contest regarding horror films you know!)

KUDOS to you for such a great initiative.

I will use your tags though, to promote it.

And come up with other contests and giveaways in future!

You are far too kind @tajimkhan

You are welcome to take part in both contests! I asked wiseagent if they were okay with cross participation and I have a few people participating in both already.

Either way I really appreciate the kind words and promotion of my challenge!


You can chew up close to half the month with Friday the 13th films alone haha

Looks like a fun time with all that pizza too!

You aren't wrong. Friday the 13th and Halloween franchises will pretty much consume the entire challenge haha. Maybe I should shoot for 50 instead of 31.

Those Halloween movies, I usually watch the original on October 31st but most of those are VERY hard to watch. I did a marathon of that and all the Hellraiser entries a couple years back. Not sure which one I liked the least.

Any ideas what you may be watching or is that top secret?

Haha I have a soft spot for most of the Halloween franchise even though I do recognize most of them are quite bad.
Hellraiser sounds like a really good choice! I hate to admit it but I haven't gotten around to many of the major horror franchises. For the amount of obscure horror films I've seen it's embarrassing that I haven't seen some of the genre staples lol.

I'm happy to share some of my planned films! Bubba Ho-Tep, The Thing, Re-Animator and Shaun of The Dead are my go to Halloween movies that I will watch every single year during this month. Outside of those I haven't made any definitive choices but I have saved a bunch of horror 4K Blu-Rays for this challenge. What did you have planned? I saw your first entry of Pontypool and plan to give a read shortly. That was a killer first choice and one of my favorites. I know I'm in good company if you're dropping that right off the bat 😉

Last but not least, Congratulation! You were randomly selected (out of the very small list of entrants lol) to win 5 PIZZA. Your PIZZA has already been sent to your wallet. Enjoy!

I love when I run across a franchise I've never seen before. I've been meaning to go through the Puppet Master films from Full Moon at some point and that one requires a big commitment of time.

You've got some great selections to write about there. Bubba Ho-Tep, that's one of the little lesser known titles that I haven't watched since release. This is going to be awesome.

For me personally I'm not sure. I'll certainly going to watch The Exorcist and Halloween again as they are some of my favorite horrors. As for writing about something this is going to be tough. I like the idea of splitting up the movies into decades. The 70s and especially the 80s is going to be so hard to choose. As for the 90s, I'll need to do a bit of searching as I don't remember much other than Scream. Maybe picking something a little off the beaten path would be fun.

This is going to be a great month for reading about what horror films people wish to discuss.

Thanks a lot for the pizza and more importantly spurring myself and others to talk about horror. I don't require much prodding 😀

Haha Puppet Master requires a big commitment. There's like 14 or 15 of those right? I've never seen them but Full Moon always has a deal on the boxset and I'm always tempted to pick it up when they do.

Bubba Ho-Tep is such a weird one but it's a favorite of mine. I finally got my writeup of it even though I watched it back on the 1st haha. I've got the movie watching part down but I'm a terrible writer so I've been procrastinating that part. I need to step it up because I'm being a bad contest host lol.

I'm so glad you mentioned Exorcist, that's another genre classic that I haven't gotten to yet. I'm putting that one in the watch pile for this month.

WiseAgent's breakdown into decades was an awesome idea! I really wanted to do theme nights or weeks (zombie week, slasher week, etc) but I was afraid I wouldn't get enough participants. So far it's just you and one other person so keeping my rules simple may have been the way to go until I make more friends on here. Hopefully next year I can make it a little more involved.

If you don't mind me throwing some suggestions at you I'm pretty fond of 90's horror since that's pretty much the time period I was growing up during. There's the famous ones like the one you mentioned, Scream. You also have Silence of the Lambs, From Dusk Till Dawn, The Frighteners, Army of Darkness and Misery.

For more off the beaten path, check out another one of my all time favorites, Cemetery Man. Guillermo Del Toro also came out with his debut films Cronos and Mimic which are good. I'm probably forgetting some good ones but the 90's has a decent collection of films. It may not be up there with other decades but it has it's gems.

You're right about Puppet Master, too many of these things haha

Welcome to the club on the writing part. I try to jot down some quick notes after watching something if I want to write anything about it at some point and that seems to work for me. Finding the time to actually do it is always the big challenge and others I'm assuming.

I'm relatively new here too like yourself. Keeping your rules simple is the best way I figure to get people involved. Lets hope we can get some more people writing about horror in general. This is October after all! The contests or initiatives must take some time to build up. I see some on here with so many participants and it must be very taxing on those running them.

Thanks so much for the suggestions and I've seen them all if you can believe that. I'm so glad to see you mention Cemetary Man, I used to recommend this one once in awhile as a crazy comedy/horror and nobody has ever heard of it. Maybe using Dellamorte Dellamore turns off people. A deep cut and great film.

You're right about the 90s and boom Jacob's Ladder comes to mind and that was 1990. That might be a fun one to watch and write about. Lots going on that one.

I think we have very similar tastes in horror.

As an aside, I was briefly thinking about doing some extreme horror/gore but I better not. Everyone will think I'm a weirdo haha. Lucifer Valentine's work, the August Underground films or even the Guinea Pig series wouldn't fly around here I figure. No screenshots from these films haha. One viewing is plenty for me and I need to be in a certain mindset to watch this type of horror. Most horror is much tamer than these films. I'll watch any film as long as it holds my interest, art or trash it doesn't matter.

This response is way too long and I better stop haha, until next time. I see your Bubba Ho-Tep review is up. Time for me to read

Oh man, what an excellent writing tip. I'm gonna have to try jotting down some quick notes while watching. In a weird way, the extra task during viewing sounds like a lot of fun haha. Thanks a lot for sharing that one with me.

What!?! You gonna not only be aware of Cemetary Man but name drop Dellamorte Dellamore on me? I'm impressed. You are legitimately the first person I've ever mentioned that film to who already knew about it. I just imported the blu-ray of it and I'm really hoping it makes it here before Halloween.

Jacob's Ladder! I knew I had to miss some great ones. That would be a lot of fun to write about. I'd love to read your take on that one.

Haha I don't know much about this community yet but the extreme horror/gore might ruffle some feathers, even though I'd appreciate it. I can't see something like Slaughtered Vomit Dolls gaining any traction with this crowd haha. I'm right there with ya though, I'll delve into anything once, and in the case of extreme gore, once is usually enough.

You could probably settle and watch something like Meatball Machine or Tokyo Gore Police but even those might be pushing it. It's been a long time since I watched them so I might be wrong on that assumption.

Thanks again for the awesome conversation! Sorry I'm slow as shit when it comes to anything involving writing. Till next time!


Cool and spooky!!
Hehe, am I up for this challenge?? 😂
Well, we'll see. Nicely done!

Thanks so much!
I really hope you get a chance to join in.
I loved your review of Becoming Jane and I think it would be a lot fun to read your take on some spooky movies in October!

Cool challenge! And fitting giveaways!

awe geez, you're the best!
Thanks so much!

Too scary for me but nice work !PIZZA

Yeeeeah! Stick Up Boys rule!
Thanks for the slice of pizza!

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