Thanks so much for the CINE! I love seeing my token VP get bigger.

Meg Ryan! I loved her rom-coms "When Harry Met Sally," "Sleepless in Seattle," and "You've Got Mail."

But, like @papacrusher, I adored her in "City of Angels" opposite Nick Cage. They were perfect together and touched my heart.

I just read that she is directing a new Netflix movie "The Ladies Guide to Selling Out" and I will be watching for it.

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Thank you for your enthusiastic comment again. And YES, I would love to add some Ecency Points to the Movie Star of the Week challenge. Can you DM me. I'll DM you tomorrow about that and will start with the Ecency points next week if you're okay with that?

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Great job on the paper, @hetty-rowan ! Meg Ryan has had some pretty intense ups and downs in her career, but she always seems to be able to overcome critics and detractors to remain classy. One thing I love about her is that she always to appear grateful for the chances she has to be in so many films and she doesn't seem to take it for granted as some other stars do.

My favorite portrayal by her was definitely City of Angels, there is just something so endearing and vulnerable about how she portrayed her character in that amazing film.

Thanks @papacrusher. I very much appreciate your compliments.

And of course your kind words on Meg Ryan too. I think she has done some amazing work in her career.

Lol, I personally think Kanye is less crazy than the public needs to think he is. Seen some of the shit he shares and I don't think it's all bullshit honestly. You can't deny this ex-family he landed in is quite crazy :) lol

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His ex-family is for sure quite crazy, that's a fact. No one can ever deny that.

Yeah they are a bunch :D

Oh thank you so much 😊

Thank you so much for the cine token and it was great to express my innermost thought, as always, a good cine news papers of the week.