CineTV Community Posting Guidelines

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CineTV Community Posting Guidelines.png

Recently we've seen some extremely questionable postings within our community and I wanted to take a little bit of time and lay out our expectations for posting in our community and what we will, and will not, curate. Primarily, we are more interested in seeing your opinions, feelings, and impressions of a movie or television show as opposed to just a regurgitation of the characters and plot. We are seeing a severe amount of content that is just blatant spinning of information from Wikipedia or IMBD and that is NOT what this community is about.

If it is not your creation, ideas, thoughts, or writings, then you CANNOT use it!

Things would we would love to see and support would be:

  • Movie/Series Reviews
  • Character/Plot Analysis
  • Upcoming Movies
  • Filmmaking techniques/tutorials
  • Music Videos with some insight into the filming/production
  • Production Diaries
  • Indie Spotlights on films and TV
  • Hollywood Gossip
  • World cinema
  • Information/analysis of industry professionals or iconic stars!

Items we will not support and that are not welcome in our community:

  • Plagiarized, spun, stolen, reworded, copy and paste, recycling posts
  • Splinterlands posts
  • Photos with no explanations and/or descriptions
  • Non related content
  • Short form social media
  • Images MUST be cited and from sites that allow sharing

We want everyone to feel at home in our beautiful CineTV family, but sourcing is a necessity and plagiarism will not be tolerated.

More than anything, we want to hear from YOU...your thoughts about movies or television. Your take on plots or techniques. How has film and television affected your life? What has cinema taught you....what does it mean to you? To us, that is much more valuable and entertaining than just reciting plot elements from IMBD or Wikipedia. We love all of our members and we want all of you to grow with us as we see how epic this beautiful community can become. If you have any questions about sourcing, plagiarism, or anything else, we are always available in our Discord linked below!

Note about plagiarism. We have seen some really great posts that failed to source their pictures and so we were not able to curate them properly. Remember to only post YOUR OWN work and to properly source the photos that you use that are not your own. We have an entire team dedicated to finding and reporting plagiarism and abuse. Plagiarism is THEFT and has no place in our CineTV family! Thanks...we love you all!



Do you require source for posters ? I mean i usually take em from IMDb but it's definitely not the original source. Plus they fall under fair use

because of the promotional nature of movie posters and the potential that they do indeed fall under fair use, we are allowing them to be used in posts, but they need to be sourced as would any image not belonging to you. Similar to how you would an image from Pixabay.

Yeah but the thing is...if I source IMDb's still not the original source. IMDB didnt make these posters :)

We get that as well, but as you are not the owner and it is fair use, we still would like it sourced from where you pulled it. Thanks.

I think if it falls under fair use you should be fine. If you source where you got the pic from that is fine I think.

this is what we have been debating between the boys! Interesting conversations!

I for example buy or find Japanese posters in cinema lobbies and scan them myself. I own all the poster used in my posts but would be really hard to find out the graphic design studio or the artist that made it except for occasional work done by famous artists.

The @curation-cartel will try to honor your guidelines when curating CINE. I have forwarded this to our curators.

!1UP 🍄!PIZZA 🍕!BEER 🍺!PGM 🎮And expect the @curation-cartel soontm


Thanks brother, we really appreciate it!

Thanks, it also improves the content for readers. I can read IMDb myself.

Its great that Cine Tv brought out such guidelines.


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is very good information and clarification that helps us improve and strive to make quality posts. Thank you very much.!🤗

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Id love to see more hollywood gossip.

I pretend that I'm not a fan but I totally eat that stuff up.

Good work! !PIZZA

Great work, with much insight and effort.

good night I would like to know if I can post about Korean series I see on the Netflix platform, thanks in advance

Hello just a question is it ok to talk about documentary and my thoughts of the documentary? Is it allowed in this community?

Thank you in advance

@cinetv Un saludo, no me queda claro si la comunidad admite publicaciones cruzadas

Screens de las peliculas que estamos viendo en el momento no se puede? Esa es la unica duda que tengo

Noted. Thanks Alot for the guide as I will always keep that in mind.

Thanks for the guidelines.

Good guidelines for a good site like Cinetv. Thanks for policing your site.