Death's Game, a new Netflix miniseries

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Well, last week I caught up with a new Netflix miniseries they released called Death's Game.

At first it didn't seem like it was going to hook me much, it's about a guy who ends up dying and has to overcome a series of trials playing with death itself.

But I confess that from the first episode I was completely hooked. The premise is original and leaves you intrigued to see what test Death will put the characters through next. The tension is very well built up in each episode.



What most pleasantly surprised me were the characters. All very well defined and charismatic, from the main character Lukas to his opponent in the trials, the mysterious Jessica. You can tell that the actors played their roles to perfection.

In addition, Death himself is also a great character. That mix of elegance, calculating coldness and to some extent sarcastic humour. You realise that he knows all the dark corners of the human soul very well.

I also thought it was a good thing that despite being a suspenseful series, it also had time to give some depth to the story and even more emotional moments.



A miniseries that I recommend if you like thrillers with supernatural touches. And even more if you feel like having a good time with unexpected plot twists and attractive characters. Very good work by the creators.


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This one is really good!! I couldn't stop watching just to see what happened next!!

Great review!!