My impressions of the series God's Favorite Idiot

in CineTVlast month



Well, I recently watched God's Favorite Idiot on Netflix. The truth is that I wasn't expecting too much, it seemed like a typical American comedy with nonsense, but I have to admit that I ended up being surprised, it had some good things in it.

The story is about a very simple guy named Clark who works as an assistant in a beverage company.

One day he starts to experience a series of divine powers after a lightning strike, although he's still the same clueless guy he's always been.

What I found most amusing is that despite having these "powers", poor Clark doesn't really know what's going on. It has a naive but fresh humour, it gives you a nice feeling.



The lead actor (Ben Falcone) plays him in a very natural way.

I also liked the way the different "angels" who help or give Clark problems came out.

Especially the relationship with Gadir, who is an angel with a bit of an edge but who ends up generating tenderness. You can tell there is good chemistry between the actors.

In addition to the comedy, I liked the fact that in the background it raises reflections on issues such as the meaning of life, faith or how to use the gifts you receive well. A mix of laughter and positive messages, without being cloying.



In short, I saw it by chance and was pleasantly surprised. It has an agile pace and endearing characters. It may not be the best comedy of the year, but it will make you smile and give you a good feeling. Not bad.


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