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Hello... How long has it been?



You can already guess that the schedule has been sufficiently hectic for the team working on this Hive film project.

The last couple of weeks/months have been action-packed and as far as we all can tell, the Christmas break is around the corner. We will be part of that break, so we thought about using this opportunity to keep y'all up-to-date on this project.

We will get to the updates in a sec, but before that, we want to genuinely thank you and let everyone following this project know just how much we appreciate them;

  • We appreciate all those who availed themselves for interviews when we made the request.

  • We appreciate members of the review team for the role they played in reviewing a part of the first draft of the Hive Film Script.

  • We also appreciate all Hive community members. We see your comments. We see your reblogs and we see the tweets you make about the update of this project.

Having your support so far has been a reassurance that we are all going up the right road with this project. Keep them coming.

Now, let's look at the latest Update Report;

1. The first Draft of Hive Film Script is nearing completion.

A part of the first draft of the script has been reviewed and we are glad to let you know that we are edging ever closer to getting to the finish line of the first draft of the script.

You know what this means, right?

We are right at the end... The entire first draft of the Hive film script is nearing completion and that's something special.

2. More fun work for our review team.

We already have a review team in place, so once the first draft of the Hive film script is completed, we'd like to hand that out to the review team and get their thoughts on it.

Fair enough. Everyone on the review team has proved that they are equal to the task. Their feedback has been insightful and inspiring in equal proportion.

3. We will be doing more interviews.

Do recall that at the very beginning of this project, just before putting words on paper, we had to do a lot of interviews with key Hive community members. The interviews were very helpful in coming up with a very compelling story and choosing how to go about putting this huge story into the film format and how to ensure that an audience would not only stay engaged with the subject matter but also remain entertained for the duration of the feature film.

This time around, we will be doing more interviews while having the full context of the script and story in mind. This will make it possible to pinpoint aspects of the story we'd like to discuss and make changes to the script as we see fit.

There we have it!

That's pretty much the level of information we can have out here to avoid releasing spoilers. Of course, no one loves spoilers. Haha. Have an amazing holiday and we will catch up again very soon!

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Upon request in the comment section of this post, we will gladly mention you in our subsequent publications. Think of it as a mailing list. It’ll be a good way of staying updated on everything we are doing here at filmmaking4hive.

Ending Note;

Filmmaking4hive is a team that is developing a feature-length film based on the events that transpired with Steemit Take over and the Hive Fork while showcasing the power of Web3. Please check out our blogpage for more details!

Feel free to JOIN our Discord channel. That is where you can join our AMA section and have another timely discussion with us in real-time.

Let's take a moment to acknowledge the brilliance, dedication, and unwavering effort of @killerwot and @thedeltron for the role they play in the overall progress of this project.

Huge thanks to @kenechukwu97 for his role in helping us keep the community informed about the progress of this project. Please check out his page and consider giving him a follow!

Check out our script reviews so far:


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Thanks for a great update!!

Thanks for the update just before the new year 🎉🎉😊😎🐝

Thanks much for the update and congratulations on your achievement so far! Fantastic! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

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It's almost done✨🥳🎉
Thanks for the great update...
I'm waiting impatiently to see the movie😂

good going team! I eagerly await the the full draft
keep up the good work x and happy new year to you all : )

Thank you for the update and enjoy a well-deserved Christmas break!

Dear @filmmaking4hive,
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